Alex V.

Alex V.


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Art Director, Animator and Designer

Hello! If you need help creatively, I'm your man. I'm a professional designer currently freelancing at high-end production companies where I'm tasked to create, animate, and direct a team of artists. My skills vary greatly from graphic design, animation, and print layout to canvas abstract and realistic painting and crafting. Seriously, I'm here to help your creative mojo. I'm excellent at encouraging imagination and getting the creative juices flowing. I'm looking forward to meeting you! ... [more]

Microsoft Excel

General Computer

Microsoft Word


Adobe Photoshop

I've been using Photoshop for over 10 years. I've used Photoshop for everything from graphic design to digital painting to sketching and inking. I am proficient at the basics as well as many of the more advanced features.

Adobe Illustrator

As a freelance graphic designer I use Adobe Illustrator on almost a daily basis. I can teach the basics such as the pen tool and text functions to advanced techniques such as the creation of editable and tile-able patterns, and logo design. I've been using Illustrator for 7+ years.

Adobe Lightroom

Video Production

I currently am working at video production companies and have myself been involved in every step of the process. I am well versed in the processes of each step of the pipeline such as pre production, production and post production. I understand camera techniques, filming styles, and composition as well as lighting and sound setups.

Adobe InDesign

I've been using Adobe InDesign for layout and design for 5 years. I'm experienced with everything from text layout options to vector editing and design. I also understand publishing and exporting options for e-readers and galleries. I can teach basics like layout and adding images to more advanced features like image editing and grouping.


I'm a graphic designer that used both Mac and PC on, literally, a daily basis. I'm familiar with many of the quirks that makes Mac different from other computers. Also being well versed in both Mac and PC allows me to transfer concepts from one OS to another.

Microsoft Windows

I use both Mac and PC, literally, on a daily basis. I'm a graphic designer that grew up using both computers which gave me an advantage. I know everything from the basics like where the programs folders are, to a bit more advanced things like setting up network sharing of internet, files and printers. I also used to work in IT.

Graphic Design

I am currently working as a professional graphics and motion-graphics designer. I've been doing graphic design in various forms for about 9 years from logo design to flyers, to web graphics and more.


I am working currently as an animator. I specialize in 2D animation but I've gone to school for 3D animation as well. I use a lot of traditional techniques in my animation style even in my motion graphics animations. I do character animation everything from the basic walk cycle to more complex action shots.