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MS in Education and Published Writer Helping Children and Adults

Updated 3/1/2019 More and more students need encouragement, coaching, and someone observant to identify the areas for developing and improving. Tutoring often uncovers small (yet big) things that go undetected in a classroom. Teachers having thirty students to watch over do not have the available time to intentionally come alongside and help in such a way. Over and over again parents and students share testimonies of how bad habits have formed undetected for years -- until now. We do hav... [more]


Thesaurus.Com quickly becomes a prized tool to my newly emerging young authors. Exchanging common words for more visually descriptive ones greatly enhances their writing. Students having weak vocabulary tend to struggle with reading because without knowing the meaning of the words, comprehension also declines. I tend to intermingle the teaching of vocabulary in with reading comprehension and writing. Vocabulary types of games also helps propel students to try harder and do so in a more enjoyable way. I try to make it fun. Can I help you? Send me an email and explain your need? Let's partner together.


My love for writing continues growing daily it seems. Such joy has become contagious. After all, I want to highlight my students more than myself. I am so excited to welcome five students to the status of "authors". Yes, five have written books and now have a very different outlook on writing. As of this update, I have fourteen published books, (really fifteen depending on how you look at it). I love the gratitude expressed by the parents of these kids, and the excitement of the students when they receive their first real book, and we take pictures. Okay, so maybe you find yourself a bit older and needing help. People call me for all kinds of things in this arena. Given the multi-cultural and nationally diverseness of the population in sunny California, I have had the honor of helping people reword their emails and correspondence. Also, some adults choose to meet for coffee and just practice talking to an American. I do more than just talk with them. Listening helps to identify areas for further improvement and development. They enjoy learning English and improving their grammar in a fun way. Finally, to all you high school and college students out there, yes I do assist with essay assignments. I do not write the essay for you, rather I coach you all the way. I do editing and offer suggestions -- though you do the typing. I want to make sure you learn through the process. I also help you understand how to structure and develop the essay. We rejoice together when the essay gets completed, turned in, and deemed a success! Please, please contact me early if you can. It will make it much easier for you. Middle school age students normally work with me on developing a better understanding of parts of speech (noun, verb, adjective, adverb, direct object, indirect object...). I try to make it fun for them. Get in touch with me and let me know what you need! I look forward to partnering with you!

Microsoft Excel

I worked for over 16 years in information systems as a supervisor in a credit union. I both used Excel and taught it. Prior to that I taught in post secondary schools for over 11 years, and also taught Excel in that role. I have my masters in education from CSU East Bay. I graduated in 2010 with my masters. Working with school age students, I refer to it as "tutoring". However, many of the WyzAnt requests that I receive involving Excel falls more under the category of "consulting" in my mind. I am happy to sit down with you, hear your need, and help you come up with Excel solutions. In terms of the business people who have come to me in the past, some have come highly wanting to learn Excel, so I have approached it in a learning tutoring/mode -- especially if he or she is a student in college. However, if the need is more for coming up with a solution, I may build the solution out, and then teach you how it works and how to use it. So, in other words, when it comes to Excel and tutoring, the needs vary greatly, so I have learned to listen intently and help meet the needs. Also, your solution may require more than simply Excel. You may need to integrate with other applications! I look forward to working with you and helping you understand Excel in a tutoring/consulting fashion. Let's chat! Excel and coffee go great together! :-)

General Computer

Many people would describe me as "techie." I have served in the church as the Administrator. In that role, I was the go-to person for computer needs. In my prior position before that, I worked over 16 years supervising a team that kept computers up and running throughout the credit union. I also facilitated technology classes for the staff there. Prior to that, I taught the computer classes at post-secondary schools for over eleven years. There is hardly a day that goes by that I am not using the computer to accomplish something. Yet, I am still very much people oriented and enjoy sharing with others. I have stepped out of the corporate world to help in the community. However, people still call me for their computer questions. I do not know everything, but shoot me a message and I will let you know if that is something I can help you learn. The field of computer continues to expand, and though I do know much, I continue learning new things every year if not every day. My strengths lie in the Microsoft Windows PC side rather than Mac, though I can do quite a bit with the mac too.

Microsoft Word

I love creating documents and helping people to make presentations that sing! I really use Word almost every day. I taught Word classes in a corporate/enterprise environment where I worked for over 16 years.. I also taught Word classes at post-secondary technical schools. I taught in post secondary schools for over 11 years. I used Word constantly in my role as a Church Administrator and also in supporting the kids church program. Now, as an author and writer, I use Word daily. If you do not understand how to use Word, I would love to help you. You will also want to know how to convert your Word documents into other formats such as .PDF. I can show you that as well. MS Word allows you to dump your thoughts into a document, and then from there you may choose to leave everything in Word and dress it up, or take everything over to a different application all together. It just depends on that particular case and what you need to accomplish. Can I help you learn Word? Send me an email and let me know what you need? I am happy to partner with you!

Microsoft PowerPoint

I taught PowerPoint classes in a post-secondary school environment for many years. I also taught PowerPoint in a corporate setting as well. Additionally, I've used PowerPoint many times to deliver presentations. PowerPoint is fun. There is much you can do with it, especially with the newer versions of Microsoft Office. You can make leaves fall off the tree. You can have the airplane fly across your page. You can add graphs, videos, charts, pictures, and control transitions and animations. Your viewer, the person benefiting from your PowerPoint presentation, does not have to own PowerPoint, as you can also pack up your presentation to present to even those without PowerPoint. I have fun with PowerPoint so much so that you almost don't have to pay me.. Wait I do need to eat though! PowerPoint can add much to your presentation. Did you know you can also pull in objects into your PPT presentation from other applications, etc.? You do need to consider copyright kinds of things of course. Let me help you!! I would love it!! I will teach you how! Let's do this -- Send me an email and let me know more about your needs. We can go from there.


Tutoring in math used to primarily begin with a diagnostic test. However, more and more, I am just spending time with the kids. As I watch them, it becomes apparent what they get tripped up over. In pre-algebra this often equates to helping them visually picture the problem and plan out how to solve it. Also, observing comfort with multiplication times table, and basic math concepts becomes key. Watching them complete school homework and helping them check it, then reteaching where needed commonly plays out over and over again. Overall though, I find most kids need encouragement and someone cheering for them. Can I help you? Send me an email and let me know more about your specific needs. Let's partner together to help your student!


I enjoy both reading and writing. I have my masters degree in education. If a student is having a hard time with reading comprehension, then I have diagnostic software tools to assess the grade level of the student and also prescribed materials to assist the student. Students struggling with reading can really benefit from tutoring. Less and less do I need the formal assessment tools. While each student does come with varying needs, observing and listening to a student intently does wonders! Not surprising, some students need coaching in the overall physical approach to reading: sitting up, correct lighting, and word/line focus. More commonly, students need coaching in how to approach a new reading piece: surveying, retention, questioning, and review. Remarkably, reading and writing go together! Think of building something out of Lego blocks. Writing can compare to putting the Legos together, and similarly reading compares to taking the Legos apart. Once students really grasp the Lego block concept, that really propels them forward. Students learning English as a Second language and also native students who trail a few grade levels behind their peers, often struggle with reading because of the weakness in understanding vocabulary words. Building up their base knowledge of vocabulary words and retaining what these mean becomes really crucial to their reading development. If you read through all of that, thank you! I just wanted to help you understand. Can I help you or someone you know? Get in touch with me. I look forward to speaking with you.


I love writing! Last month book number fourteen got published - fifteen, depending on how you view it. Five of my students have now become authors. Jump in! You too may write a book. How can I assist you? Send me an email and let me know more. Let's partner together!


I enjoy the art of the English language. It is very colorful in speech, writing, and literature. I am a published author. I have a Master of Science degree in Education from the California State University at Hayward. I incorporate writing into my day almost daily. I enjoyed sharing with others, and helping them learn. I have taught for many years. I am very patient, and I work well one on one with others. I have published over 13 books. Some of my students have also become authors.


Proofing continues to grow stronger as I write and see my books go to print. Additionally, I have a lot of experience in double checking and proofing student papers. When teaching in a post secondary environment, grading and proofing papers became common place. As a church administrator I also proofed documents written by our pastor. I encourage my students to double check their work. Can I help you? Send me an email and explain your need. Let's partner together.


Obtaining a high school diploma or completing the GED exam is one huge step towards empowering yourself to have the skills needed in the workforce today. My heart goes out to those who for whatever reason did not complete high school and now struggle to keep a job. I would enjoy helping people assess their current level, and then make goals and work towards their GED. I taught in post-secondary schools for over 11 years and assisted individuals train for working in the computer field. I have my Master of Science in Education and enjoy teaching. The GED testing continues changing. I am willing to research this one and help you figure out what we need to work on. There are a lot of different workbooks, etc. I may not regularly teach all those individual subjects, but am willing to walk through the books with you. I am strongest on the English side of things. I can also help with math. The other subjects require reading and memorizing, so we can look for the workbooks to read and study through. I would be happy to assist you and celebrate with you! I want to see you graduate! I love helping people!

Elementary Math

I have worked with kids that come to me discouraged in their math assignments and homework. I work with them to show them how to overcome such challenges. I find that often times students are in overcrowded classrooms and do not understand how the teacher explained math. Working with students one on one gives me opportunity to explain and then for them to practice. I am finding more and more that even with good classrooms, sometimes students miss a math concept. Maybe they got sick or had to take an unexpected leave due to something in the family. Maybe they sat in class and just were not focusing and comprehending well. Math, unlike some of the other subjects, greatly builds step by step. So, missing a lower step, makes work at a higher step difficult if not impossible. By watching how students work math problems, I can usually pick up on missed steps. Some break my heart. Imagine trying to calculate a math problem involving several digits and not really having borrowing and carrying down, or not knowing the times table. These kids struggle when they really don't have too! Let's help your student. Can I partner with you? Reach out to me. I tutor up through pre-algebra.

Elementary (K-6th)

I have had opportunity to work with children and adults. My experience with younger students stems from teaching kids church and also tutoring through WyzAnt. Historically, I have worked more with a little bit older students. However, I am getting some younger ones and having so much fun that I decided to officially add the elementary age group to my profile! The students have fun learning too. I enjoy being serious with the kids; however, we also do play games to bring the learning home and lessen the stress. I love teaching and love kids. Check out my profile for more info.

Study Skills

I have my Master of Science in Education from California State University East Bay. I find that I commonly share study skills and tips naturally while tutoring students. I can share note taking and outlining tips. Thought mapping is very helpful for capturing new information. Also, for students lacking focus or having difficulty being attentive while reading, there are some techniques that I can show them and work with them on. For some students, simply organizing their binder and folders makes a huge difference. After all, if they cannot find their papers, then no credit is received in the classroom. I find that teaching study skills and organizational types of skills help provide structure to the students' learning environment. These are also lifetime tools and habits that are really, really great especially when taught early.

Career Development

I have had experience in working with people one on one in the area of resume development, career exploration, and job interviewing. In my role of teaching and supervising in post secondary schools, assisting students preparing to graduate and land their first career position became common place. I helped my student prepare for interviewing and prepare their resumes. In a middle management role, in the field of Information Systems, where I worked for over sixteen years, I periodically would do interviewing and hiring of candidates for positions in our department. I received formal training within the company to perform interviewing and selecting of potential employees. This skill of interviewing and wading through a pile of resumes gave valuable insight and allowed me to assist friends, family, and now church members. In my role as our pastor's church administrator, he referred people to me for help in this area. I assisted them by helping them explore possible positions that they may fill in the community, and then we work through creating their resumes. People have been very pleased at the result as they do land jobs and are able to support their families. I enjoy helping people discover more about themselves, and discovery their passions. I believe that just getting any job to pay bills is perhaps good temporarily. However, finding that which you really enjoy doing and can receive payment for doing has a higher reward.

Microsoft Access

I taught MS Access several years ago at a post secondary school. I was the lead business teacher. I also wrote the curriculum for the classes. I was responsible for the church database. I designed and developed it using MS Access. It housed information for members, visitors, and attenders. From it I could print out special reports such as the new people's report for our pastors and child check-in sign-in reports. I am also versed in integrating from MS Access to MS Word. That's how you can do mailings to guests and prospects and thank them for coming. I really enjoy working with MS Access. I don't consider myself a "programmer" as such. Though I can do some cool things with MS Access. Special programming falls outside of my scope/expertise at this time. I have tutored college students through Wyzant (maybe much like you). They expressed how confused they felt in their classes and had projects and tests ahead of them. I happily assisted each of them. They were pleased. Access does take a little longer than some of the easier apps in terms of tutoring time span. I would estimate allowing a couple of hours per session. However, we can cover much ground in that time. Past students have felt it worth the investment. :-) I look forward to hearing from you, and also hearing what project you have been assigned. The professors usually assign some very interesting projects, so I find it fun to coach the college students through them and see that "light bulb" go on so to speak. Access is harder than some of the other MS Office applications; however, with some coaching you will do great!!

Microsoft Outlook

I really enjoy Outlook. I taught Outlook enterprise wide as part of the company's technology training when working in corporate America. I have since stepped out of that to help in the community. Tutoring in Outlook does have some cautions to it. So, let me say that from the start. These cautions however should not keep you from seeking at least some form of tutoring. In a corporation, the setup and configuration of Outlook on individual laptops and desktops, and also the associated company mail servers vary in layout, appearance, and privacy/security. Many companies purposefully do not permit outsiders to have access to an individual employee's email box or to know the setup configurations. Additionally, personal use of Outlook from an individual standpoint differs from say a person working for a company and using Outlook on their company laptop that gets taken from place to place. Though from an individual perspective it may feel the same, behind the scenes these are often quite different. All that to say, if you look for tutoring in Outlook, I can help you in part. We will need to assess the degree of access you have in Outlook. In other words, if you sit at home and request tutoring, does Outlook still work the same as if you go into the office. Things such as archiving, and Outlook server rules may not fully work remotely, as corporate tech staff may have these pre-configured to work when you return to the office and dock or connect the laptop. I can teach you to the extent we can have access and make sense of the settings. Shoot me off and email and let me know your needs. Let's talk and see how I can best assist you.

Microsoft Windows

MS Windows is a broad topic! However, I am very versatile with MS Windows. I worked over 16 years as the supervisor in the Information Systems Dept in a credit union. When people come to me needing help with Windows it's normally something to do with the way they are structuring their files, viewing their files, or other operational kinds of questions that involve the operating system. I am comfortable. Windows continues evolving, so I may need to look things up to help answer your questions; however, I can usually find answers fairly quickly to even things that I do initially know. What do you need? How can I help? Send me an email message, and I will happily get back in touch with you.