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Melissa D.


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Experienced teacher and tutor ? Social Studies, English

After serving as an attorney with the Colorado State Legislature, I returned to my first love ? teaching. I have taught and tutored middle school students all the way through college students, as well as adult literacy, citizenship tests, students with learning differences and test preparation for SAT, ACT and LSAT. I love teaching and helping students who are struggling to even like school, let alone excel at it. I had a double major in college (Political Science and History) and double... [more]

American History



A degree in English Taught Reading, Grammar, Spelling, Writing in middle and high school Tutored those subjects at the college level Proofread textbooks for publisher Wrote laws and regulations for the State of Colorado Published author

European History





Government & Politics


World History



SAT Reading


ACT English

Elementary Science

Elementary (K-6th)

I began teaching 5th and 6th grade, which I found to be incredibly rewarding and enjoyable. Students of that age are able to do much more, learn much more than many realize. In my 5th grade English class, we astounded the parents, principal and other classes by not only reading a Shakespeare play, but actually putting in on for the parents and other classes. In addition, I was able to challenge their reading goals by promising to read every book the students read ? 120 in all. I also taught Social Studies to that grade, which included geography, maps, government and world cultures. I won the 'Rookie of the Year' for the Archdiocese of Dallas Schools in my very first year.

Study Skills

After taking a course in learning differences and what study skills work best with specific challenges, I taught a seminar to other teachers in a K-8 school. In addition, I reviewed study skills in my classes for many years to help my students prepare and perform on their homework and tests, as well as presentations. I have used a variety of study skill techniques in helping students prepare for standardized tests, including the SAT, ACT and LSAT.

Bar Exam

I passed the bar exam after graduating from the University of Denver law school and practiced law for 12 years before becoming a teacher. I have tutored pre-law and government classes at the college level. I practiced as general counsel for the Colorado legislature and the Colorado Department of Health, also serving as an administrative law judge. I am very well qualified to tutor in this area.

Criminal Justice

I majored in Political Science at the University of Denver, then graduated with a law degree, passed the Colorado bar exam and practiced law for ten years before becoming a teacher. As such, I took a year of Criminal Law, Constitutional Law, as well as courses in Constitutional Procedure, Criminal Procedure. The level of understanding required in these classes and in passing the bar far exceeds anything middle school, high school or college classes requires. I handled criminal cases on both sides ??defense and prosecution.

Social Studies

After graduating with dual majors of history and political science, which required courses that are included in the social studies curricula (history, geography, political systems, government, civics), I attended law school with a particular emphasis on the constitution and government. I taught social studies at the middle and high school levels, and tutored social studies courses at the college level at the University of Denver, Metropolitan State College, Denver Community College and Pikes Peak Community College. I am extremely qualified to tutor the entire social studies curriculum at any level.


I am qualified to tutor in the subject of film because I took several courses in college that covered not only classic films, but examined film genres such as film noir and film-making, including cinematography, script-writing, directing techniques and symbolism. In addition, I have been an avid movie-goer for decades.

Political Science

I had a dual major at the University of Denver in History and Political Science, which complemented each other perfectly. I did extremely well in classes such as US government, world political systems, comparative government, and policy formation. These were extremely useful when I went to law school and concentrated on constitutional law and procedure. I served as an attorney for the General Assembly (state legislature) of Colorado, which required drafting statutes, working with committees of senators and representatives, as well as the governor to resolve issues, drafting amendments and studying statutes to determine if they were constitutionality. These qualifications far exceed what would be required of high school or college courses and make me extremely qualified to tutor political science.


I am of an age when handwriting was taught and practiced, as well as graded. I also am an artist and I enjoyed handwriting from an artistic as well as a practical point of view. I have taken several calligraphy classes. As a teacher of middle school students, I re-introduced handwriting as a subject and built student enthusiasm, which was welcomed and appreciated by the parents and other teachers who found that student work in their classes became more legible and resulted in higher grades for the students. A win-win-win!