Denise F.

Denise F.


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$40 per hour.

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Relaxed and friendly Educator for Reading, ACT Prep, and Arithmet

Hello, my name is Ms. Denise. I love children, I love teaching, and I love to see children enjoying the learning process. Learning does not have to be a chore. I believe diligence and consistency are the keys to academic success. I have been an educator over the last 20 years. The students I have worked with have graduated from high school and gone on to attend top tier colleges and universities like Northeastern University, Howard University, and Kettering University formally known as G... [more]

Algebra 1





Elementary Math

I have been teaching arithmetic for twenty plus years. I enjoy using math manipulatives, games, speed drills and worksheets to help students master math concepts. Students learn that practice always makes better.

Elementary Science

Elementary (K-6th)

I have over 20+ years in home education experience. I have taught 10 children from kindergarten through 12th grade using different curriculum and programs to facilitate learning. I have experience teaching in a private school setting serving and teaching children with learning disabilities. I earned my Bachelor's degree in Management and Organizational Leadership. I have experience teaching in general education classrooms and self contained classrooms in local elementary and high schools in order to meet the graduate coursework requirement to earn a Master's Degree in Special Education. I have 20+ years tutoring students in grades kindergarten through 12th grade. I have tutored in the following subject areas: Reading, Math, Spanish, ACT/SAT Test Prep, and Science. Lastly, I have been hired by a colleague to provide guidance and support to help complete her CAPSTONE Project successfully.


I have successfully taught 10 children how to read and write in a home education program using proven curriculum. The Phonics curriculum and program focus on the following: phonemes, blends, digraphs, and short and long vowel sounds. The Phonics program includes reading practice to increase vocabulary, fluency, comprehension, and handwriting skills. Upon completion of the program students are able to successfully decode words, comprehend text, and write well.

Study Skills

My graduate coursework required creating Individualized Education Plans, Transition Plans, and Education Plans from the results of formal assessments. The objective was to identify a students strengths and weaknesses and to create a plan for students to achieve academic success. In 2011, I served as a tutor for Stepping Stones to Excellence, LLC. During tutoring sessions I helped students to read the directions carefully, answer only the question that were being asked, and to check their work for neatness and accuracy. Lastly, I am currently a mentor in the program Take Stock In Children in the Pinellas County School District. The sessions require sharing test preparation techniques, speed reading/comprehension lessons, note taking skills from lectures/textbooks, and time management.

Career Development

I earned a Bachelor's Degree in Applied Science in May, 2011. My major was in Management and Organizational Leadership from St. Petersburg College. (Management and Organizational Leadership Bachelor of Applied Science MGTORG-BAS). This integrated program prepared me for a broad range of organizational and management skills necessary for a variety of supervisory positions. This degree program groomed me to be an effective leader. Earning this credential qualified me and gave me access to job related career opportunities such as: Management, Supervisory Roles, Human Resources, Training/Development, and Industry/Management. During the program I learned the process of recruiting and hiring prospective employees by creating clear job descriptions, selecting exclusive job postings, interviewing, and intuitive listening skills to determine whether candidates would be a good fit to an organization. As a High school teacher/mentor serving students in grades 9-12 I help students prepare for life after high school, whether that includes college or employment. The Bureau of Labor Statistics/Occupational Outlook Handbook help me to provide career counseling to students that need to make career decisions or need guidance in an educational program that would adequately prepare them for a meaningful career. Lastly, I possess qualities that are helpful to students seeking guidance and support from a Career Counselor/or career development program. I am compassionate and have strong interpersonal skills. Listening and communicating effectively helps me to serve students well.

College Counseling

I have experience coaching college bound students through the college admissions process in the following areas: Course requirements, GPAs, ACT/SAT scores, resumes, interviews, college selection, and guiding them through the financial aid process (for example, the FAFSA application/scholarship opportunities). I have 3 years experience working in the Financial Aid Office of St. Petersburg College, 2 years work experience working for a student loan consolidation company, and I have extensive personal/volunteer experience. I have experience serving student-athletes navigate through the NCAA Clearinghouse Eligibility Center to earn athletic scholarships to Division I schools.


I have taught speech class using the curriculum and program by Accelerated Christian Education, Inc. a/k/a School of Tomorrow. The curriculum covers the fear of public speaking, breathing techniques, eye contact, gestures, poise, delivery, and physical appearance. I took speech classes during high school and college, and had to make several presentations on video and in class to fulfill course requirements. Also, I had an opportunity to tutor/coach a colleague for her CAPSTONE project which included a video presentation. She earned an A on her project, and received positive comments on her presentation. As a home school parent my children and I attended a 3-Day Winter Speech and Debate Camp hosted by Ethos. When I asked my son what was the best thing I did for him as a home schooling parent he said, "Teaching us Speech." Lastly, I earned my Competent Toastmaster credential in 2003 (CTM) and my colleagues invited/encouraged me to compete in the annual Toastmaster International Speaking Contest at the club level. I placed third.


I was working towards my Master of Art in Teaching with a specialization in Emotional and Behavioral Disorders from Walden University. I have experience teaching handwriting alongside teaching students how to read in successfully proven phonics programs. Each twenty minute lesson introduces new letter names, new sounds, and how to correctly form the letter. There is always a sequence. After demonstrating the correct sequence of forming the letters on a dry erase board, students would follow tracing the letter, and then practice writing the letter several times. I always enjoy having the student circle the letter they are the most proud of. In return, the student will ask me which letter I think is their best one. A smiley face next to my favorite letter is my signature of approval. Students understand that posture is important, holding the pencil properly, and positioning the paper at an angle plays a significant role in making our handwriting legible to the reader. Finally, I emphasize that neat handwriting honors the people who have to read our work.