Cheri S.

Cheri S.


Osseo, MN 55369

Will travel 20 miles

$60 per hour.

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Piano Tutor, Contemporary Styles to Classical

Cheri can help you discover and pursue your musical passion. Lessons are custom-tailored to you. You can learn not only classical repertoire and technique, but also jazz, pop, and rock idioms, including gospel, blues, ragtime, and boogie woogie. Cheri?s mastery of diverse keyboard styles will pave the way. Develop your ability to play by ear, improvise, sight-read, and compose. Emphasis on theory and ear-training is the key. Adults, children, and teens are all welcome; Cheri enjoys the singu... [more]

Ear Training

Ear-training is part of a music education in my studio. We start with interval recognition and singing the major scale. We progress through chord progression recognition. Often a student will submit a popular song which we learn by ear, developing a lead sheet. Ear-training is essential for popular styles. In my studio, the student may also work through computer programs in comprehensive ear-training, including Alfred's Interactive Musician.


I have taught guitar privately over ten years, including five years with Schmitt Music. Part of my Schmitt experience was spent teaching beginning electric and folk guitar group classes. Instruction covers chords, keys, strums, fingerpicking, beginning electric rhythm and lead, theory, note-reading basics. I hold a B.A. and Masters in music.


Master Certified with the Minnesota Music Teachers Association, I have taught for 14+ years. I am trained classically, as well as in jazz, and am a busy solo performer and bandleader. I hold a B.A. in Piano, and a Masters in Organ. Students may learn classical as well as popular styles, including improvisation and playing by ear.