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Credentialed Professional Tutor

Welcome! Thanks for visiting my profile. I have been in school for a very long time, learning how to learn essentially. I have experienced setbacks in my own educational journey and although it took some time, I did indeed overcome a variety of obstacles including learning disabilities in my own journey toward achieving my doctorate. Overcoming my own roadblocks taught me many things; most importantly, that we all have the intelligence and ability to do anything we set our minds to. Sharing t... [more]


A strong and varied vocabulary is necessary for graduate and doctoral level writing assignments, something that I have years of experience with. I would be happy to help anyone build on, learn, or perfect aspects of their vocabulary to help improve their reading and writing skills.

General Computer

I'm certainly not a computer programmer or anything like that, but am someone who had to pick-up and teach themselves how to learn to use a computer, so I know how difficult it can be. I also know what it's like when things start to click and make sense, so I'd be happy to show you any and all general computer tips. Also, both of my graduate degrees were obtained online, which gave me ample time and opportunity to become acquainted with and comfortable using various aspects of my computers.

Microsoft Word

I think of all the Microsoft software, I have the most experience using Word. Just writing and formatting my dissertation in Word alone gave me more than enough experience to sort out any troubling quirks the program may be giving you. I'm also great with teaching the basics if you're a beginner as well. So if you have any questions, or trouble with Word I think I'd be a great fit.

Microsoft PowerPoint

I love PowerPoint for creating presentations or organizing information. I've had to create a lot of PowerPoint decks over the years for work and especially during my degree programs. There is a lot of cool, fun and easy things you can learn & do with PowerPoint to make your presentations look great. If you're having any PowerPoint trouble or just looking for some tips, I'd love to help.


I love reading and nothing would be better than to help spread that to others. I've got lots of experience in this subject, in addition to it being a favorite hobby of mine. If you're having any trouble with reading like comprehension, basics, or writing about what you've read, I would be happy to help you quickly overcome any obstacles you're facing.


Writing is something that has always come naturally to me, though I've had quite a bit of fine tuning and practice along the way to get to this point. I can certainly assist with any type of writing issues you might be having or help with any questions. My Masters degree and Doctorate depended almost 100% on written papers, so I've got lots of experience and some fun ways to make the writing process easier and less daunting.


I received my teaching English as a second language (TESOL) certification in New Zealand, where I taught elementary school aged children and adults. The certification was about 200 hours long, spent learning about teaching methods and strategies for helping others learn the English language. Afterwards I gained experience teaching by volunteering at local schools on the North Island of New Zealand.

World History

I majored in History during my undergraduate studies, and really came to love the subject. I would say that besides working out and weightlifting, reading history is my other daily hobby. I like just about all areas of World History, but always enjoyed Western Civilization classes a lot. If you're having any trouble with any kind of history I would love to help. :)


I've had years of experience proofreading my own work, and have become quite adept over time. I'd be happy to help anyone who needs help with proofreading or any type of editing issues they may be having.


I have a doctorate in business administration with a concentration in marketing. My dissertation was actually about digital/social media marketing practices of sole proprietors, though I'm comfortable with most business related concepts.


My most recent degree was focused in marketing, and I specifically concentrated in online marketing for my studies. I'm probably best in regard to online marketing practices though am familiar with general marketing as well. If you need any assistance putting together a digital marketing strategy for your business, I'd be a great resource to tap.

Microsoft Outlook

I have only ever used Microsoft software including Outlook for both business, and personal needs - so if I ever have to use a Mac I'm in trouble ;). On the bright side I'm great with just about every Microsoft Application that comes with Microsoft Office including Outlook. Outlook has a lot of great features which can be personalized to the needs of the user along with some other cool features. If you're having any trouble with Outlook, I'd love to help setup and organize it around your needs and preferences.

Microsoft Windows

I have been using Microsoft Windows and their associated business applications including PowerPoint, Word, Excel and others for a long time. My undergrad in History, and subsequent degrees required lots of writing and project creation, something I used Windows software exclusively for. Over the years I've picked up some tips and tricks to help make Microsoft Windows a valuable tool in my business and personal life.


I've been lifting weights and practicing a variety of cardiovascular exercises consistently for about 22 years on a near daily basis - though you'd never guess it as I'm still pretty small ;). I have worked as a personal trainer and my specialty is in weight loss, muscle toning and increasing cardiovascular health - so if you're looking to lose weight I've got lots of experience with that. My certification came from the National Personal Training Institute (NPTI) in the Bay Area which consisted of 500 hours in physiology, nutrition and proper weight lifting techniques, so I have lots of experience and practical application. This all might sound pretty official, but the point is I'm a great trainer especially if you have any weight loss goals to achieve, so let's get started!