Chris G.

Chris G.


Tampa, FL 33603

Will travel 35 miles

$25 per hour.

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Camera & Graphics Instructor

I got my feet wet in video production pretty rapidly. I enlisted in the Marine Corps in 2004 straight out of high school. Being a cameraman was never my intent, but I was given the job of a combat videographer. After finishing a 3 month crash course on filming and editing, I was sent to Okinawa, Japan. From there I was thrown out of the pan and into the fire. Sent around the world to document full scale military training exercises and real life disasters where my unit was tasked with aiding i... [more]

General Computer

Comfortable in all aspects of computer knowledge. Basic operation to technical issues, all familiar with.

Adobe Photoshop

Daily use in full time job, photo manipulation, graphic creation.

Adobe Illustrator

Art History

Art Theory

Video Production

I believe that I am qualified to teach video production, both in theory and in practice, because of my experience in the field. I have immersed myself for the better part of a decade, exploring all the different aspects of film. Learning about the emotion certain lighting techniques and camera camera angles can achieve has opened up many doors for me, and I am excited about the possibility to share that with other people. From 2004-2008 I was a combat videographer tasked with documenting training exercises as well as real life humanitarian events around the globe as a member of the 31st MEU. In 2008, I was honorably discharged and began going to the Art Institute of Tampa and received my BFA in Film Production in 2012. Since then, I have been employed full-time at a production studio where I film & edit content for national broadcast on the Outdoor & Sportsmans Channel. Aside from my full-time employment, I also freelance. I have done everything from weddings, surgical procedures, monster truck rallies and promotional content for small business.


The cinematic experience for me is more about the process itself than the final product. Being able to work along as well with others during this process is why I take on project after project. I believe I am qualified to tutor film studies is because I understand and continue to apply the fundamentals of filmmaking on a daily basis. Taking a subject and transforming it into a visual/auditory experience takes practice to get right. I studied film for 4 years at the Art Institute of Tampa where I received my BFA in film production, but really I have been ingesting this knowledge my entire life. Since my first theater experience when I was about 6, seeing Terminator 2 in the movies I knew I had to do something with a camera. Also adding to my production experience, is the four years I served in the Marine Corps as a combat videographer. I traveled the world and documented some amazing things. This is where my love for story-telling sprouted. Teaching others and learning more about my craft is what excites me most about it. Although I consider myself a professional, I will always be a film student.