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Johns Hopkins Grad for Advanced Math, Chemistry, Biology, SAT/ACT prep

Learning and tutoring have always been undying passions of mine. As a Johns Hopkins undergraduate double majoring in Mathematics and Chemical and Bimolecular Engineering with a GPA of 3.96 , I have taken college level mathematics courses (Linear Algebra, Multivariable Calculus, Differential Equations, Real Analysis, Calculus on Manifolds) and science courses (Applied Chemical Equilibrium, Organic Chemistry, Biochemistry, Thermodynamics, Chemical Process Analysis, Transport Phenomena, Separati... [more]

Algebra 1

I have extensively studied Algebra I and completed the course for high school credit (receiving an A letter grade). I have also tutored peers in Algebra prior.

Algebra 2

I have covered and studied pre-Algebra, Algebra I, and Algebra II and completed honors level high school courses in all three (receiving an A+). I also peer taught a variety of students, effectively helping them learn the material.

American History


I have tutored students in regular and Pre-AP Biology for 3 years. I have taken pre-AP and AP Biology and have succeeded in both classes (earning grades of A's).


I have extensively studied calculus. I have taken AP Calculus BC and received a perfect score on the AP exam for it, and I have taken Multivariable Calculus for high school credit (earning a letter grade of A) and Vector Calculus in college (earning a letter grade of A).


I have taken the SAT II subject test for chemistry and received a perfect score of 800. I have completed honors chemistry I and AP chemistry II for high school credit (earning a letter grade of A).


I have studied geometry extensively. I have completed geometry for high school credit (earning a letter grade of A).


I have taken a variety of higher level math courses with prerequisites in pre-algebra. Pre-algebra is the basis of math, and I have mastered the topic well. I have also taught a variety of middle schoolers and younger children in Pre-algebra.


I received honors level high school credit for Pre-calculus (earning a grade of A+). I tutored peers on the subject and have taken courses above Pre-calculus and done exceptionally well.

Music Theory


I have studied trigonometry extensively. I have taken pre-calculus and geometry for high school credit (earning a letter grade of A) which includes trigonometric principles.



Government & Politics


I have completed a college level Psychology class, earning a letter grade of A. I have helped students with preparation for psychology courses.

SAT Math

I have received a perfect score of 800 on the math section of the SAT and on the SAT II math subject test.

Differential Equations




ACT Math

I have achieved a perfect score in ACT Math various times and have tutored others in various Math topics frequently.

ACT Science

Elementary Math


I have completed two college Macroeconomics courses and a Microeconomics course in high school, all receiving a grade of A. I received a perfect score in AP macroeconomics as well.


I have completed Macroeconomics (including a college course) and Microeconomics, both receiving a grade of A. I have tutored others a short term in economics.


I have played the piano for 13 years, winning a myriad of state and local awards. I have been a student member of Texas Music Teacher's Association for 12 years and have studied music theory for 12 years. I have also taken AP music theory and honors music history for high school credit (earning letter grades of A).

Chemical Engineering

I have expertise in the following courses/subjects: Process Analysis, Thermodynamics, Transport phenomena (heat transfer, mass transfer, velocity profiles and laminar and turbulent flow, Separation of Variables, Combination of Variables ect.), Kinetics (reactor design and chemical reaction kinetics), Separations (distillation,gas absorption, chromatography), Modeling Statistics (solving problems using Matlab, first year statistics), Cell Biology for engineers, Biochemistry, Applied Equilibrium and Reactivity, Differential Equations, Linear Algebra, Calculus III, as well as general physics, chemistry, and math. Message me for specific details!