Shannon C.

Shannon C.


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Students with Learning Differences and ADHD/ Fun Spanish Tutor

Hello/Hola! My name is Shannon and I am a very caring, patient,understanding and knowledgeable tutor that thinks outside the box. I am an Educational Specialist. I earned my Bachelor's degree in Psychology. I went to Cal State Long Beach to be an Educational Specialist. I have several years working as a special ed. teacher with upper elementary, middle and high school students. I only work with students beginning at 11 years of age. I am also a Spanish tutor; I speak Spanish fluently, as... [more]



I have a Educational Specialist Credential and have 5 years experience teaching and tutoring.


Hola! Me llamo Shannon y me encanta hablar Espa?ol! I grew up with my mother and two older siblings speaking Spanish, so when I began to learn Spanish formally it was fairly easy. I have been speaking, reading and writing Spanish fluently for 23 years. I know Spanish grammar well because I learned it as a second language and was highly motivated to learn. I wanted to communicate with my then boyfriend's (now husband) brothers who only spoke Spanish. We speak Spanish at home and my children attend Spanish Immersion programs at their schools. I help them with their homework in Spanish. I have helped many students to improve their Spanish speaking skills. I am a very kind, knowledgeable, engaged, fun and prepared tutor. I hope to hear from you soon!


I have loved writing since I was 11 years old. Because I love to write myself, I love to help students to gain the love of writing. I know how frustrating the writing process can be for students struggling with writing. Therefore, I believe it is important for the tutor to be patient, understanding and fun. Which I believe I am.


I am a credentialed Multiple Subject Teacher. I have my Credential as an Educational Specialist. Therefore, I took two separate classes on teaching reading and writing. Also, I love to read and write and enjoy nothing more than to help others to improve their reading and writing and knowledge of the English Language.




I am a teacher and have proof read many essays. Also when my x-husband was getting his PhD I proofread many of his chapters. I am a very detail oriented person and know grammar very well. I am very enthusiastic about writing and love to help people become better writers.


I have an Educational Specialist Credential and have taught reading and phonics cumulatively for three years. To obtain my credential, I had to take two courses on teaching reading, one that was for the Multiple Credential and one that was for the Educational Specialist Credential.

Special Needs

I have an Educational Specialist Credential. I have 2 years cumulative experience teaching students with special needs. Most of the students I have taught have learning disabilities. My own two children have dyslexia. Therefore, I have first hand experience helping students everyday with dyslexia. Also, I was a Social Worker for a Regional Center for two years that provides services for children and adults with developmental disabilities. I had a caseload of 72 clients. Most of my clients were children with Autism. To obtain my credential, I had to take two courses on teaching reading, one that was for the Multiple Credential and one that was for the Educational Specialist Credential.


I have an Educational Specialist Credential. I have tutored and taught many students with ADD/ADHD. I also have personal experience as a parent of a child who has ADD. I also read about the latest on ADHD online.


I have an Educational Specialist Credential. The classes I took for this credential included learning about how to teach students with dyslexia. I also have taught and tutored many students with dyslexia. Also both of my own children have dyslexia, so I know firsthand how frustrating it is for parents to see their child struggle with reading and writing. I think the most important thing for a tutor or a teacher working with a student with dyslexia, is to be patient and never say reading is easy, because it isn't for a child with dyslexia.