Ryan L.

Ryan L.


Pasadena, CA 91107

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Maestro Ryan Pasadena

Ryan Luevano is a local composer, conductor, musician and musicologist. He holds a Masters degree in Musicology from California State University, Long Beach Cole Conservatory of Music. He is a professor of music at Woodbury University and Santa Ana College where he teaches a course in music history. Additionally he is also a professional music director where he auditions, and rehearses singers, and the contracts and conducts the orchestra in all musical performances. As a classical/jazz tru... [more]

Music Theory

I was trained in college in all aspects of music theory. I know basic harmonic analysis all the way up to advanced Schenkerian analysis. I can recognize and categorize musical forms, harmonies, and counterpoint in any given piece of music.

General Music

I have a Master of Music Degree in Musicology. I have taken advanced courses in music theory, composition, music history, performance and research. I currently work as a professor of music.


I've been teaching music for over 12 years and I am now developing a new method for learning piano based on my own experience in learning and teaching music. This method teaches piano technique in a creative, custom and exciting way. All lesson plans are created specific to each student to ensure students are getting exactly what they need to grow as musicians. Along with learning piano students will learn to read, write music and ultimately sight read music at the piano. I enjoy sharing the gift of music with with new students of all ages and experience levels and I can't wait to meet you!

Voice (Music)

I am a professional music director for musical theater productions. I have music directed productions of Annie, The Sound of Music, Into the Woods, and various other musical theater shows. I am currently on staff as music director for two companies and a College where I audition, rehearse singers, contracts, and conduct the orchestra in all musical performances for the community.


I have been teaching trumpet for 15 years to students ranging from 7 to 20 years of age. I have performed professionally since 2005, performing with orchestras, symphonies, and various musical theater productions. I will teach students to develop properly formed embouchure, efficient breathing, breath control, posture and diaphragm support, note fingerings, and develop valve technique, learn and develop proper tonguing, and lip flexibility. Both classical and jazz lessons available.