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Experienced Writing and Public Speaking Tutor

I hold a Bachelors of Arts in Creative Writing (with minors in editing and publishing and integrated media) from Pacific University and an MFA in Writing and Producing for Television from Long Island University I spent two years on my high school newspaper, the second year becoming the web and commentary editor. As an undergraduate I pursued a minor in editing and publishing which allowed me to take classes in publication design and literary magazine production. Additionally, I participated ... [more]



Microsoft PowerPoint


I hold a Bachelors of Arts in Creative Writing (with minors in editing and publishing and integrated media) from Pacific University and an MFA in Writing and Producing for Television from Long Island University.


I was a tutor for two years as an undergraduate, have worked as a writer for a variety of online publications, and have several publishing credits with academic journals and fiction anthologies.


Adobe Photoshop


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ACT English

Web Design

I am familiar with every step of creating and running a website, from the hosting of a domain to the design and implementation of a concept. Although I am in no way programmer, I am proficient enough to edit intermediate existing HTML problems, as well as designing simple websites entirely from scratch. For a Digital Media course I took in 2011, I created a website from scratch, which has since been taken down. I designed everything, including the header, colors, and format, completely from scratch, using TextWrangler and Photoshop. I can also use my HTML knowledge to edit existing themes for websites run with more advanced content management systems, like Wordpress and Drupal. Two years later, I took a Web Design course and designed another website, based on my senior thesis novel. The novel is written in blogs and emails, so I decided to design one of the blogs. All coding was done by me, all images were either taken or drawn by me, and all content was written by me as well. I used TextWrangler and Adobe Illustrator for the creation, implementing php, javascript, jquery, and various other programming languages. Once again, the site has since been taken down to make room for the next web design class.

Video Production

I own a Samsung HMX-H300 Full HD Camcorder with 30x Zoom, and have a variety of tripod styles depending on the type of shoot required I was the photographer/videographer for Pacific University?s Theatre and Dance department from 2010-2011, and also had the experience of working with Foster Kids Forward to create a promotional video. I was involved in every step of the production process, from planning the concept to meeting with the family to filming, editing, and finalizing the project. I also directed, filmed, and edited a video for a fellow Pacific University student for an internship application. I am proficient in both Final Cut Pro and iMovie editing programs.

Adobe InDesign

I was the commentary editor/layout designer for my high school newspaper during my senior year of high school, and I have designed several portfolios for my various integrated media classes. I also took a Publication Editing and Design course, where I made layouts for a variety of fictitious purposes. In addition, my professional resume was designed in InDesign, and I have used the template to create resumes for several of my friends and classmates.


I am an award-winning independent filmmaker, with a short film and several digital series on my resume. I also hold an MFA in Writing and Producing for Television, during which time I honed my craft and learned the ropes of all parts of production, from development to submitting to festivals. I also write how-to and craft blogs for a web series hub, which are widely read and shared by members of the web series and indie film community.