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Born and raised in Laredo, Texas, I found out early in life than an education makes for the possibility of a happier life. As a Graduate Student at TAMIU, I find myself privileged to partake in a Master's program where I continue my love for History. I currently teach AP US History and consider myself highly qualified at preparing students for their AP and state exams. My current passing percentages for the 2016-2017 academic year are as followed: APUSH =55% 2016-2017 APUSH =35% 2013-2016 11t... [more]

American History

I am a History Major and currently teach AP US History and have a 100% passing percentage in the state exam (STAAR).



European History

As a History Major, I have the hours and credits to have a Major in European History. I am knowledgeable in 17th, 18th, 19th, and 20th century European History. From the Colonization period in the 1600s to the world wars, I know important peoples, dates, and events that led to the modern world.

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Government & Politics

I am knowledgeable in many forms of government, including but not limited to democracy, monarchy, fascism, communism, and constitutional monarchy. I am well versed in US government including setup and execution of policies and diplomatic relations in the past four centuries, 1600-1900




World History

As a History Major, i am not only familiar with US History, but am also knowledgeable with European History, Asian History, and African History. My forte is related US and European Histories, however, one must know the world before he can specify one strong point. I can describe many political leaders and their accomplishments from 1000a.d. to current times. Most people however, are more interested in World Wars which I am very confident in my knowledge of this time period describing leaders, battles, outcomes, causes and effects.


Social Studies

As a History Teacher, I am familiar with all continents and regions on earth including social, ethnic, religious and historical movements. I specialize in US History, 18th, 19th, and 20th century Europe, and am up to date with current events.


I am a certified 8-12th History Teacher with an average to above average testing results. For 8th grade, my STAAR results average to 64% the past two years. For 11th grade, my passing average is 100% the past 3 years.