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Georgetown grad with Master's degree

Hello! I am a former language teacher and multi-discipline tutor who loves to work one-on-one with students to help them reach their learning goals and build confidence. I taught Spanish at the middle and high school level at a private school for two years and have tutored in languages, history, science, and English. Currently I am focusing on tutoring college preparatory students and college students in Spanish. I am a magna cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Georgetown University (Sp... [more]





My journey with Spanish began with having native Spanish-speaking friends, accompanied by travel to Latin America and Spain. For me, learning Spanish is all about knowing how to communicate with real people. I graduated from Georgetown University with a major in Spanish and a minor in linguistics, with Phi Beta Kappa and magna cum laude honors. I was also inducted into a national Spanish honor society and chosen by the Spanish faculty to receive their prize for Outstanding Achievement. Having taught Spanish for two years in a prep school, I have lots of teaching resources at my disposal. My hope for my students is to encourage mastery in the four key linguistic areas of reading, speaking, listening, and writing.


Doing lots of reading of various source material has shaped my life-long passion for writing. I appreciate the well-turned phrase not only for its power to communicate a message, but to do so with panache and purpose. I also hold a degree in languages and linguistics, where my abilities for learning how to express myself in writing and other modes of communication was further honed. I currently write for a blog with a national reach, I was a columnist for my graduate school newspaper, and I achieved a 6/6 on the GRE's Analytical Writing section. I enjoy helping students identify what it is that they most care about in their writing assignment - and to write from that place of natural interest and passion.


Excelling in English requires an excellent command of the written word, including grammar, spelling, and composition. It also requires an appreciation for nuance in word choice and diction in literature and poetry. I am a life-long lover of the word, especially as expressed in reading, and writing. I love to nurture this same love in my students as they learn how to analyze well and express themselves clearly. My interest in this area led me to obtain a degree in languages and linguistics, which I achieved with Phi Beta Kappa and magna cum laude honors.




With an undergraduate degree in languages and linguistics, and a Master's degree in theology, I have enjoyed reading a vast array of literature, including in French and Spanish. Literature has the power to expand our horizons and change our world views through active engagement with characters, which is why I love it so much. I enjoy helping students push past potential barriers such as being set in a time period or setting different from their own to identify the enduring quality of the human spirit that resides in each piece of good literature. From that point of connection, I believe students are then able to analyze, critique, and write well in response to the themes that literature presents.

World History


SAT Writing




Study Skills

My knowledge in study skills began as a student in a rigorous prep school, where I had to learn how to organize well and manage my time. My study skills were further enhanced in high school, as I juggled part-time jobs and many extra-curricular activities. These skills helped me be successful in note-taking, test preparation, learning how to write good essays and research papers, and time management at a demanding undergraduate school (Georgetown) and graduate school. I like to help students learn how to identify topic sentences, read directions carefully, outline essays, organize notebooks, plan assignments, predict test questions, and follow-through on completion of goals.

Special Needs

I have experience as a private tutor for a year and a half for a student with some chronic health issues that prevented him from attending school on a regular basis. I tutored him in social studies, Spanish, English, and science. I was able to help prioritize what was most important to focus on and work with teachers to get assignments completed in a timely fashion. I also taught middle and high school for two years, where I taught students with ADHD and various cognitive processing challenges. I worked with students' individual education plans as suggested by a local psychologist to help chunk and sort information, capture attention, allow for enough time for successful test-taking, use color/sorting/hands-on activities to increase memory retention, and capitalize on student strengths. In addition, for the past two summers I was a counselor for Camp Happy Days, a camp for children with cancer. I enjoy working with students one-on-one to help them reach their goals despite challenges. I consider patience and a breadth of knowledge two of my best assets in offering tutoring to students who may have special needs or challenges in their learning.