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MoTutor Math and Science Tutoring

My background is in engineering and mathematics, however, my passion is for mathematics. I have a Masters degree in Mechanical Engineering and a Bachelors degree in Mathematics. I have worked for over five years as a research engineer and have over five years experience teaching and tutoring mathematics at the grade school, high school, and college level. In addition, I have over 20 earned credit hours of graduate study in mathematics and therefore, in the state of Florida, I am qualified ... [more]

Algebra 1

BA in Mathematics and MS in Engineering. Have been teaching and tutoring math courses for over 5 years now. Also have over 20 earned credit hours of graduate mathematics study.

Algebra 2


BA in Mathematics and MS in Mechanical Engineering. Also have over 20 earned credit hours of graduate study in Mathematics.






SAT Math

ACT Math

Differential Equations

At the core of my studies as a mathematician is differential equations. I am currently studying complex analysis which has everything to do with differential equations. I have taken over half a dozen courses on the subject itself and many more courses which involve differential equations. In the study of mathematics whenever you are dealing with change or rates of change you will more than likely encounter a differential equation as a model for the event which is being studied. I have extensive background dealing with both ordinary and partial differential equations and have access to resources pertaining to the modeling and solution of differential equations.

Linear Algebra

As an undergraduate in both mathematics and engineering I took over 4 courses in linear algebra. As a graduate I took 2 courses in linear algebra. At the heart of linear algebra is the manipulation of spaces and accounting for variables in these spaces. The basic approach to studying linear algebra to understand that you are dealing with n-dimensional vector spaces which in one way or another are in relation to each other. If we understand the relations between these spaces we can understand their impact on one another.

Mechanical Engineering

I have a Masters Degree in Mechanical Engineering and have worked for over five years as a research Mechanical Engineer. My particular field in ME is fluid mechanics and heat transfer but I can help with any undergraduate class in ME.

Finite Math

Finite math is defined as all the math subjects below calculus. I have taught and tutored these courses. For example, Algebra I, Algebra II, survey class in mathematics, etc. Educational background is BA in Mathematics and over 20 earned credit hours of graduate Mathematics study.