Alexander S.

Alexander S.


Colorado Springs, CO 80904

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$40 per hour.

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Award winning Database Designer and Trainer

As a MS Access and Excel specialist with advanced skill sets and considerable training experience, I can provide your students with daily contract training services in a classroom, business office, factory floor, or on-line at a time and place of their choosing. I recently taught a remote Dallas, TX area student OOP analysis and programming concepts via Skype and Team-viewer. My past teaching experiences are many with assignments including: General Electric Jet Engine Manufacturing employee... [more]

Microsoft Excel

I earn my living building and automating simple to complex MS Excel workbooks and spreadsheets for a diverse set of clients. I am a member of the MSND (Microsoft Developers Network) and an award winning Systems Analyst. I have been training end-users how to use computer applications for the past 5 decades. I know I can help your student.

Computer Programming

As a long time student of Donald Knuth's epic six volume encyclopedia, "The Art of Computer Programming," I have been crafting my skills since there have been computers to program. I have also been training others to start their careers, advance their skills, or complete their required college programming project. I began my training career over 50 years ago, educating returning Vietnam era veterans. Since that time I have taught all categories of computer programmers, whether novice, or journeymen or women, prep school students or seasoned industry technicians. I have shown others how to devise custom business solutions, and more complex applications like sorting and searching algorithms - which are my true passion. I am fluent, or at least proficient, in 14 computer programming languages, all of which solve problems for my clients who rely on computers. My expertise includes OOP and OOA (object-oriented programming/analysis). I have been influenced by structured courses like General Electric's Software Engineering methodology, Stanford University's Cryptography coursework, and the University of London's Responsive Javascript project. My personal programming role models are Rear Admiral Grace Hopper - the force behind machine-independent languages which led the development of COBOL - the world's first high level computer language, and Tim Berners-Lee who created the world's first web page. I have recently trained a talented novice using MS Access and Visual Basic, a database programming language, as part of a pro bono community service project. Whether your needs are personal advancement or a factory full of PNC operators, I can train you or your workforce. Let me help you. You won't be disappointed.

Microsoft Access

I have been building and delivering MS Access databases since version 2.0 to small and large enterprises engaged in business, science, and technology sectors. These efforts have produced countless relational table designs, complex queries, data collection and viewing forms, normalized summary reports, macros, triggers, and many thousands of lines of VBA code. While most of my databases were intended as decision support systems for department heads and executive management, they often evolved into enterprise-wide solutions using MS Access front-end controls with large scale SQL back-end data repositories. My general background with mainframe class DBMS systems provided me with insights most novice Access developers and trainers have not experienced.

Visual Basic

I have been programming database solutions using Visual Basic for 20 years. The applications I have developed using Visual Basic have addressed issues involving manufacturing, health-care, real-estate, land development, and home building. I have been training both novice and skilled computer programmers throughout my career using a variety of programming languages including Visual Basic. I have recently tutored a competent novice how to author solutions using Visual Basic as part of a pro bono community service project that was a requirement of my employment for a leader in the supply chain delivery market.