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International Grad. for Humanities TEFL Certified. Spanish/English

About me: I received my Bachelor of Arts Interdisciplinary Arts from Goddard College in Vermont. I hold an IDELT or International Diploma of English Language Teaching. I specialize in English, Creative Writing and ESL; Spanish, Ethnic/Cultural Studies and advocacy and in Visual Arts. I was born in The EU and raised in the US. I am a Spanish Speaker and dual citizen. I'm an artist, a caregiver, tutor and consultant-offering sessions and consultations in the fields of Arts and Humanities ... [more]


Vocabulary is one of the more fundamental and integrative, as well as interactive aspects of learning and teaching. It allows a person to become empowered through knowledge by exercising skills of comprehension, which is the crux of the challenge and gives the gift of expression and inclusion as the reward. Vocab can and should be really really fun! You'll need it for any subject and be able to use it to do anything.


I'm currently working on my second International Diploma of English Language Teaching with a specialization in Teaching Grammar.



I'm a Spanish-American and a dual citizen of the US/EU. I lived abroad in Spain for a year and a half while studying for my Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Arts, which emphasized Humanities and Cultural Studies. I'm also TEFL certified and have some experience with Spanish-to-English tutoring.


My background is in Creative Writing, English Literature, composition, and academic research in the field of Humanities/MLA formatted writing. I have a Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Arts, which, in addition to writing, also focused on Cultural/Ethnic Studies and Visual Art. I speak Spanish and hold TEFL certification.


My English background is in reading and Creative Writing with an emphasis on literature, short story and poetry, as well as Academic Writing with an focus on MLA format at the undergraduate level.


I'm TEFL certified and have taught ESL online and abroad. I'm currently studying for my IDELT or the International Diploma of English Language Teaching with specializations in Online Learning, Business ESL, Teaching Young Learners, Teaching Grammar and Custom Course Design.


Literature has been a large part of my background since childhood. In college, I focused heavily on English Literature and Creative Writing, formed study groups, book clubs and tutored my peers.


Study Skills

My strength is in my interdisciplinary approach and love of teaching and learning. My background in sociology and working with diverse communities, my teaching certificate and background in the arts and languages allow me to use the visual, audio, tactile and organizational tools that create the transition from overwhelming or bored to fun, exciting and motivated for students of any background.


I have a diverse set of skills with a background in Literature and Arts. I was born in Spain into a musical family and opted to study abroad for College through an American institution. Focusing on Auto Ethnography, my program emphasized extensive historical and contemporary research and education. My thesis culminated into a 400 page book-work which was archived in the Elliot Pratt library. I also built a supplemental study section in the field of sociology, which was placed in the library. lectured at the college on sociology, culture and history and published in the college's academic journal. I have an extensive bibliography on the world history and contemporary implications of society and culture.

Social Studies

I am multicultural, and interdisciplinary in the fields of Literature, Arts and Social Sciences. My Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Arts integrated Social, Cultural and Historical studies with an emphasis on Ethnic Studies through the practices of academic and artistic expression with a focus on writing and public speaking. In addition to being a natural student with high marks and a passion for learning and teaching, my teaching certificate is a great supplement in terms of the principles of study skills.