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Donovan R.


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Recent graduate helping give back

I earned my Bachelor's in Physics at Kutztown University of Pennsylvania and my PhD. at Lehigh University. While at Kutztown I worked as a tutor in Math, Physics, Economics, and almost tutored Organic Chemistry (I did rather well for the first lesson without even taking the course). I also worked at the Da Vinci Science Center as a floor coordinator. My educational responsibilities included training volunteers of a wide age range on all exhibits in the center, and lead groups through the cent... [more]

Algebra 1

Algebra 2


Four semesters in college of Calculus plus regular use of Calculus in my Physics courses which I got a PhD. Tutored in undergrad and taught labs in graduate school




As an undergraduate I tutored Physics courses of all levels, and also was a teaching assistant for the Modern Physics course. I received my PhD in Physics, and while in graduate school I taught introductory Physics labs and explained the concepts learned in class and how they applied to the experiments done.


Physical Science



I earned a grade of A in a C++ course in undergraduate class. I used C++ regularly in research for my PhD.


I have a PhD in Physics (covering the physical sciences portion of the test), multiple peer reviewed published papers (verbal reasoning as well as writing), and am currently a post-doc doing biological research (biology portion).


I took a course using Fortan as a graduate student (Grade A). I also used Fortran regularly in research for obtaining my PhD. I wrote Grand Canonical Ensemble simulation code in Fortran.


I did not take an official class, but I used MATLAB to visualize data, simulation results, and for complicated data analysis throughout the entirety of my PhD.