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Renee B.


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$45 per hour.

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Reading, writing, speaking: in person or online. Learn and have fun!

Hello! My name is Renee' and I am a friendly and happy teacher. I love teaching children and I do motivate and challenge your child to learn in a fun way. I was a VPK CDA certified teacher. I was also a Florida Certified Teacher. I have extensive experience tutoring and teaching children from ages 3-10 for the last 10 years in Naples, FL. I can teach and enrich children in Pre-K through grade 3 with preschool skills, kindergarten readiness and school academics. I can help teach your child to... [more]



There are plenty of materials, sight words and books that we can use to help increase reading skills. This can all be accomplished online. I can help your student improve their reading skills.


I have been tutoring students for many years. I can help your student with writing skills. I will supply writing assignments. The student will then submit the writings in advance. I will read over what the student writes and suggest corrections, additions and changes. We will work together to improve their writing skills. I enjoy reading what the student writes and I especially enjoy the final outcome after they have worked so hard with the corrections I suggest.


I was born in America and I speak English. I enjoy reading books. I can help you with reading, writing, spelling and understanding English. I tutor students in English by helping him/her understand how to correctly pronounce words and explain vocabulary words. As we read together, we will discuss the story and I will help with reading comprehension skills. I do enjoy teaching students to speak and write in English.


I tutor students who need help in learning the English language. I teach them the basics. We speak to each other and I help them with their reading and writing skills.


I have been tutoring for many years. I love to read and write. When I read, I find mistakes because I am such a great proofreader. I can tutor your student to become a better reader and proofreader. I can also help proofread your writing. I will help you with the flow of ideas and grammar. I will make suggestions and help you be the best you can be!


I have been tutoring students in reading, writing and spelling. I can help your student to improve their spelling skills. I can provide a list of spelling words that your student will need to study and then I will test them on these words. We will read and discover new vocabulary words. We will spell the new words and write them out. I do enjoy teaching spelling and vocabulary words to students!

Elementary Math

I have over 15 years of experience teaching math to students. We need to understand the basics of math in order to learn advanced math. I can teach math so it's fun and understandable!

Elementary (K-6th)

I have been tutoring elementary school aged children for some time now. I am a qualified educator to tutor in elementary education. I hold a VPK certification along with a Teacher Eligibility certification to teach in Elementary schools.


I am a VPK CDA certified teacher for the Pre Kindergarten class. I teach children the ABC's and the sounds each letter makes. I have fun puzzles and games to engage the children to learn these concepts. I love teaching children to read and write!

Study Skills

I have a VPK certification and a Teacher Eligibility certification. I can teach study skills. I am a qualified teacher in study skills and in many other subjects. I teach children reading, writing and math skills. Study skills are a necessity to know. I help students with their study skills. An important skill that students of all ages need to understand is learning how to study. Study skills is an important skill that needs to be taught in a proper way. I break down each lesson with a step to step process on how to study, what to study and how often to review, read and discuss topics. Knowing how to do all of this is the first battle. I am patient with children and I enjoy helping them out.


Cat, hat, pat, rat and mat. An alligator and an ant are awesome. Those with dyslexia will struggle in this area. These rhyming words and sentences are the beginning steps to reading with success. I can help your dyslexic student through repetition of letters, sounds and sight words. We can learn to read using funny word sentences. I will work with the dyslexic student on recognizing sound letter patterns, and reading and writing skills. I can provide private reading instruction that will benefit kids and adults with dyslexia. I use multi-sensory materials to help you learn. We have fun while we learn. I studied psychology and have taught in classrooms with a variety of learning-disabled students. I hold a certificate on Dyslexia Awareness Course. I have lots of patience. Let's build your confidence and read together.


I have been tutoring students in a variety of subjects. A very important skill is teaching speech the correct way. Articulation and speech fluency is necessary for the student to prosper. Using language to communicate needs to be done correctly, if not, the person will be misunderstood. I can help the student with all of these skills by talking and listening to them.


I am a VPK CDA-certified teacher and a state-certified Teacher. I love teaching and tutoring children to read and write. Children are busy texting or typing on the computer, phones or other devices. It is very important for their fine motor skills to be legible. I can help your child with his or her handwriting skills by using different types of activities.

Common Core

Common Core is a standardized way of teaching English and Math skills. I have experience in teaching the common core strategies. In math, I can explain the specific process to break down each math problem. Addition and subtraction requires a specific break down of numbers which I can help explain to the student. In English, I can ask the student to read specific material or we read it together. I will follow up by asking critical thinking and analytical questions. I will help the student master the skills they need to improve their common core subjects.