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John H.


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$40 per hour.

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I have always enjoyed teaching, and seeing a student learn.

My bachelor's degree is in music education, and I taught instrumental and vocal music for one year in a small town in northern Minnesota. After leaving that position, I was a substitute teacher in the Minneapolis and St. Paul schools for about three years. I sometimes taught other subjects, and not just music. After retiring from the federal government, I taught music lessons for two music stores in the northern Virginia area, and taught lessons in private homes for two tutoring companies.... [more]


For over 35 years, I have studied vocabulary, word usage, and word origins. I have many books on these subjects, and I often check out a library book on the subject to read. I find that these books are often entertaining, as well as instructive. Reading about vocabulary can be fun! I will suggest that students read such books.


I have studied and read about grammar and English usage for over 35 years. Reading about these subjects is interesting to me, and helps me learn more about being a good writer. I own many books about these subjects, and often consult them. A basic knowledge of grammar is important to anyone learning to read or write. It is more important as the student becomes more experienced. I can show the student the difference between good grammar and bad grammar, and why one word is better or more logical than the other.


I have excellent skills in grammar and English usage. These skills that I can teach the student are helpful in improving reading comprehension. Reading with more understanding will help a student's writing skills, in my experience. These skills complement each other. I believe in the importance of reading in as many different styles as possible. This will help the reader become a better writer. An interview I once read summed it up in this way (paraphrased): If you want to be a good writer, read everything you can get your hands on. I will teach students that reading can be much more than just learning information for a class. If it is not fun, reading can at least be interesting and stimulating to the student.

Music Theory

I was a music education major at the University of Minnesota. Although I did only a few years of teaching after graduation, I still know music theory. I have played trombone for many years, which helps me keep my music theory knowledge current.


I have excellent skills in writing, and am well-qualified to teach grammar as well. I could also help with reading comprehension. During my federal government career, I often wrote letters, summary statements, or information documents. I can help students write in different styles, depending on the subject and the intended reader. An information document is not written in the same way as a persuasive paper. I will help writers to understand the differences that can make writing more effective.


My knowledge of English, word usage, and grammar is extensive. For over 35 years, I have read and studied these and related subjects informally. I own many such books, which I often consult or re-read. I often check out and read related library books, as well. I have always been a good speller, which contributes to my writing skills and excellent reading comprehension. In 7th and 8th grades, I was spelling champion of my school.


During my federal government career, I learned to be a very good writer. My co-workers often asked me to proofread or edit their writing. I have excellent skills in vocabulary, grammar, and word usage. I can help a student become a good proofreader, which will improve the student's writing.

SAT Reading

I could be a great help in tutoring in reading comprehension for the SAT. I have studied English usage and grammar informally for many years. My knowledge of vocabulary is extensive. The improvement in this area that I can provide will help the student's reading skill. The reading comprehension skills I can teach should help the student in any class, and improve the student's confidence.

SAT Writing

Improvement in English usage and grammar helps with writing. I am a very experienced writer, and I can help students understand how to improve their writing. I know a great deal about grammar, punctuation, spelling, and vocabulary. Doing well in the SAT or ACT writing sections requires good knowledge of word usage, punctuation, and spelling. I am very skilled in these areas, and can give the student the benefit of my knowledge. The correct answer in a multiple choice test is not always obvious. Often, the answers look similar, and more than one appears plausible. I can show the student the difference. Much of my writing has involved providing information to superiors or co-workers. I also understand how to write a persuasive letter or document. This skill is important in writing a college application letter. The SAT and ACT exams may require this skill to write a persuasive essay.

ACT Reading

I have excellent skills in grammar and English usage. Improvement in those skills helps with reading comprehension. Reading both fiction and non-fiction books in different styles expands one's knowledge. This is important to succeeding in the ACT and SAT tests. I can help students better understand what they read, and teach them how to answer questions from the reading material.

ACT English

I am experienced in English word usage and grammar. For over 35 years, I have read many books on these subjects. I own many books to which I often refer when I have questions. I consider myself to have excellent writing skills, and I am also skilled in editing and proofreading. My knowledge of vocabulary is excellent. I can help students by showing them why one word is correct, and another similar word is not. There are fine distinctions in English, and I think that they are important. They are also crucial to understanding test material. To find the right word, the student must understand the context of his/her writing. I can help the student do that, so that the writing is logical.

General Music

I have a degree in music education from the University of Minnesota. After one year of teaching public school instrumental and vocal music, I was a substitute teacher in the Minneapolis and St. Paul, MN school districts for about three years. After retiring from the federal government, I taught music lessons in trombone and other instruments for two music stores and two tutoring companies in the Washington DC area.


I have played trombone for about 55 years, and still play in the Manassas symphony orchestra. In college, I played trombone in the marching band and in several concert bands. I was a musician in the Navy music program, and played many types of music. My degree is in music education. I taught one year in public schools full-time, and later taught for two music stores and two music tutoring companies.