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Eli Q.


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Artist Lessons!

I love the art of teaching and have taught many people of different ages how to draw in charcoal, how to paint with oils, and some sculpture as well. I taught 3D and 2D video game art at Madison Media Institute for 5 years so I have a good deal of professional experience in the postsecondary field. While I love computers and technical game art, my main passion remains drawing and painting. Tutoring is even more of a special experience since you get to do one-on-one learning instead of mana... [more]

Adobe Photoshop

I began using Adobe Photoshop around 1994 and have used it almost every day since, usually with a Wacom tablet. Aside from utilizing the basic operations in Photoshop such as photo retouching and color correction, I have extensive experience with digital painting and design. I have written and instructed several courses for a local college where students learn how to use the programs included in the Adobe Creative Suite. In addition to Photoshop, I'm proficient in many other Adobe products, including Illustrator, After Effects, Flash, and Premiere.

Adobe Illustrator

I have used Adobe Illustrator since 1994 for logos and other vector illustration. I can teach a wide variety of techniques within the program, including layers, typography, and pen tools.

Art Theory

Autodesk Maya

I have 6+ years of experience using and teaching with Maya. I have written and instructed several classes at a local college utilizing Maya, including modeling, texturing, rendering, and animation. I never liked to just "throw the book" at students and wrote lots of original curricula and ensured that my class would actually absorb and learn the concepts by working slowly and repeating the usage of various tools many times.

Graphic Design

I was a 2D and 3D artist on the team at the video game company Human Head Studios. In addition to creating art assets for the games themselves, I developed a large amount of graphic design and marketing materials for the web and for industry magazines to promote our upcoming games before and after their release. This process involved creating screenshots and/or concept art and editing them for print and web in Photoshop and Illustrator. I've created freelance logos for various companies for 20+ years.