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Masters Degree in Music Composition, Undergraduate in Guitar

I am currently tutoring a professor Emeritus from San Francisco State in Piano. This relationship has continued for four months. I teach him long distance by cell phone so my words need to be chosen carefully and to the point. He is learning and enjoys the tutoring. It is detailed and comprehensive. Teaching Songwriting was fun for me and the students. Large doses of Music Theory were taught and are being taught now with my piano student. I have taught private guitar lessons as well as group ... [more]

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My experience with reading includes understanding the information in the Book, How to Read a Book by Charles Van Dorene and Morton J. Adler. This is not a book on just reading, but this is a book that shows you how to read. We will be learning the first type of reading skill, Elementary Reading. I have read many text books on different subjects and have enjoyed it. I have learned how to inspect a book in about fifteen minutes to see if it is pertinent to an assignment or project that I'm working on. I have read much imaginative literature, mostly the Classics, from Virgil, to Jane Austin, to Mark Twain. I've done expository reading to glean information for writing papers and reports. Good reading skills can make or break your educational career goals. It is a skill that determines much of your future and whether you can enjoy and have fun with reading, or make it a drudgery. It is meant to be enjoyed on every level. Learn HOW TO READ A BOOK is not just reading. We need to learn some basics. If you want to learn HOW TO READ. Reading becomes a joy and a positive experience you will be learning and doing all your life, . So learn how to enjoy this opportunity. You should be a student all your life, and reading is a subject you want to learn as early as you can so it will enrich and bring enjoyment to your life,

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I have read through the Book, How to Read a Book by Mortimer Adler, and Charles Van Doren. This is the best book I have read on the subject of reading. I will tell you what the four reading styles of Expository Writing are. Each cournal is contained in the next level or levels. Elementary, includes learning your ABCs. This also includes Phonetics as well a the memorization of the meaning of words, phrases, and sentences, Inspectional Reading is next. Here you get to scan through the book to see if it would be worth reading for you. You would read the books jacket for the authors qualifications and endorsements, the table of contents and their subheadings, the index to see what interests you to help you gain an understanding of the authors propositions quickly. You pick out a few paragraphs or pages and read see if this is what you need to read. Analytical reading is what we use through Jr. High and High School. You read for understanding. Speed reading is not necessary here. You can read slowly, the most important thing being comprehension and gaining an understanding of the author's purpose. Finally Syn-topical Reading is for those who are writing a thesis, long paper, or dissertation. This type of reading is used on the college level and graduate school level. You take 10 to 100 books, first reading them from an inspectional perspective to see if the author is writing something that you may be able to use in your thesis. If so, read the book. Do this for as many books as needed. I know a Pastor who wrote a book on education who read nearly two - hundred books that were pertinent to his topic. From this he drew many creative ideas. Sometimes, if you read your material thoroughly, you can inspect yourself to see when a creative premise or idea comes to your minds surface so your thesis or paper may be guided by this or these ideas. Thank You, Sincerely, Robert West

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My ear training consisted of 5 semesters in undergraduate school. Not only did we need to sight sing, but we had to identify different intervals and triads that our teacher would play. Our teacher had a sheet of commonly known songs with the identification of the opening intervals. E.g., West Side Story, Maria. Maria opened with a tritone (aug.4th or diminished 5th). We often listened to phrases and had to notate them on music paper. The melodic phrases were played three times and were sometimes long. We needed the additional hearings of the phrase. We were sometimes asked to sing some heavily endowed chromatic phrases. This usually took much practice the day before.

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I have a Bachelor's of Music Degree in Classical Guitar Performance. I have a Master's Degree in Music Composition. Passed the Praxis II 5113 test for music certification. I took four semesters of Music Theory. I took ten semesters of Music Composition, including Electronic Music and Advanced Electronic Music. I took four semesters of Music History, two undergraduate, two graduate. I taught Music History at Guitar Shop Limited in Milwaukee WI. Orchestra, Symphony Band, and Choral Groups, as substitute in Charlotte - Mecklenburg Public schools. I took two semesters of Orchestration: University of Redlands and UCLA. I taught Guitar in Milwaukee Public Schools.


I have been playing guitar since my Junior Year in High School. We had a band called the Sorts that played at High School Dances. We played at Church Dances and private parties as well as Fraternity Parties. We recorded at the Gentleman's studio in Madison, Wisconsin. I was fortunate to play in a small Jazz trio for a year but a few months later enrolled at the Wisconsin Conservatory of Music auditioning for the Classical Guitarist James Yoghourtjian, a former student of Segovia. I was excepted and finished my first semester playing for a jury of my teacher and another faculty member. To receive my Degree in Classical Guitar Performance, I had to play for six Juries throughout my matriculation as well as playing two recitals: a Junior and Senior Recital. Receiving an A on both recitals was gratifying. The Dean of the College attended both recitals. I've played in Restaurants, Hotel Grand Openings, semi - formal concerts, Weddings, Private Parties. I have taught guitar in different styles along with Classical since 1968. My places of employment have been Charlotte Music Academy, Elm Lane Music School, Calvary Academy for the Arts, Music 49 inc. etc..My repertoire includes Classical Music, Finger - Picking Style Popular Music. Rock Guitar and Jazz and Folk Guitar as well. I taught at the Wisconsin Conservatory for 7 years.


I studied Piano for three semesters in Undergraduate School. I am currently tutoring a Professor Emeritus from San Francisco State over our cell Phones in Piano. I'm giving him large doses of music theory and I have to be articulate and concise. So far it is working well. We've had about 6 or 7 lessons. I've written some of my songs on piano and I use it to study Classical Music Theory. This includes voice leading which is common practice harmony from Bach to Beethoven. With voice leading, you need to know the rules concerning how the notes or voices from one chord smoothly connect to the next. Jazz theory is important but does not deal as much with voice leading unless the player is playing a ballad etc..

Voice (Music)

As I have mentioned, I have recorded songs with Pro Tools LE. My songs and other recordings can be found on YouTube. I sing on five of these songs. I have also sung in the church Choir at Garr Memorial Church in Charlotte, NC. and participated and sang in the Musical Play: Scrooge. I know the basics of four part writing for voices, Soprano, Alto, Tenor, and Bass. I can compose for voices. I have written Inspirational songs sung by an excellent Dynamic Mezzo Soprano, Karen Coke. (As mentioned, I have composed and arranged these songs). I will give you the links to these videos if you request them. I'm knowledgeable about the the Head and Chest voices and Falsetto voices in Men and Women. Women using more of the Head Voice while men use the Chest Voice More. I can produce and work well with singers. If I were to teach singing as a mentor, I would not be sufficient. If I were to record and produce a singer, they would be in good hands.


I studied Anthropology for two years at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee. I studied two semesters of Cultural Anthropology, and two semesters of Physical Anthropology. My studies at Reasons to Believe included a course on Evolution vs. Creation which continued and clarified some of the concepts I learned at UWM. I received an A in Cultural Anthropology 101, an A in Physical Anthropology 102, and Physical Anthropology 202. I received a B in Cultural Anthropology 201. In Physical Anthropology 202, we used a book by Theodusius Dobzansky on Genetics. We studied Mendelian Genetics in Physical Anthropology 101. We learned the concept of Harvey Weinberg's Theory of Equilibrium which was a Random Sampling technique for evaluating Gene Pools and their content. We had some Paleontology in Physical Anthropology 202, We were told by the Professors and TA that Evolution was a fact, not a theory. We studied Ethnographies in 101. They were in a book of these collections by Edmund R. Service. We read two other books, one called, The Concept of Culture, by Leslie A. White. His approach was materialistic and said a culture was equal to the harnessing of energy per capita. The other book was written by a possible moron, Marston Bates. At the end he states he would be more comfortable in the stomach of a friend than just about anywhere else after he dies. The book was meant to be humorous and at times was, but basically stupid in his "funny" endorsement of Cannibalism. It was his sense of humor but a tinge or reality stuck to the final theme. I have records of all my grades for these classes. I also have undergraduate transcripts and graduate School transcripts. I have 180 p. of papers I wrote for the courses, Critical Thinking Skills, and Creation vs. Evolution. A problem probably not to be resolved in our life time. Excuse the editorializing.


I have taken the Music Content Knowledge Praxis II Test in North Carolina and passed the test for the needed qualifications to teach in the North Carolina Charlotte - Mecklenburg Public Schools. The test was a passing grade and should be noted as such: 167.

Music Production

I have worked with the recording software for computers called Pro Tools, and have recorded and produced a large amount of material. I have produced songs as well as recording acoustic instruments. There is a large amount of files on my computer of Classical Music recorded with Pro Tools. I have also recorded classical music for the faculty of a music school.