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Excellent teacher to help students understand subjects

I have taught math and engineering subjects at a university for 35 years along with research activities, but I am now retired. I've published 4 books on mathematics from the most prestigious publishers. Although my professional teaching has been primarily in graduate level, I have ample experience in teaching undergraduate students, as well as primary to high school students. I have been said to be a good teacher because I always motivate students by making the subjects interesting, hel... [more]

Algebra 1

Algebra 2


I was a full professor of OSU but retired in 2005. I am good in both math and science and enjoy working with young students.

Differential Equations

Differential equations are among the most frequently taught subjects in my teaching carrier as a graduate faculty member at OSU. The initial value problems of ODE (ordinary differential equations) appear in the isotope chains in the fission product isotopes in a nuclear reactor. The nuclear reactor kinetics equations are also initial value problem of coupled non-linear ODEs. Boundary value problems of ODE appear in one dimensional models of heat transfer, and the nuclear reactor theory, as well as boundary layer equations in transport phenomena. I am familiar not only the analytical methods of solving the differential equations but also very familiar with computer solutions that can be applied to the student?s problems to show the results graphically. Graphical visualization of PDEs is always a very important part of my teaching of differential equations.