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Les V.


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European languages and math specialist

I grew up speaking Hungarian and German and graduated with a Master's degree in French, taught French at Cal State L.A, math and languages at high schools in the San Francisco area, and Survival French and Italian at various colleges. I love foreign languages and know how to teach them in such a way that the student learns quickly and speaks with a credible accent. My career has been in sales and management and inevitably it would turn to training. I have trained sales forces, distributor... [more]

Algebra 1

I have an extensive background in mathematics having successfully learned Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2, Trigonometry, Math Analysis, Differential and Integral Calculus, Engineering Calculus. In addition, I have taught algebra 1, geometry, algebra 2, and trigonometry at the high school level. I am currently an SAT/ACT tutor in English and mathematics.

Algebra 2

In addition to having taught French and Italian at the college levels, I currently teach algebra, geometry, algebra 2, trigonometry, and precalculus at the high school level. My time as an SAT/ACT tutor has opened up new ways of quickly solving problems.



I speak English, French, German, Hungarian, and Spanish and have had to learn advanced grammar in college in all of these languages as compared to the minimal high school levels. I have also written over 100 term papers, edited 5 computer manuals, and written 2 cook books. I know grammar well!


I have a BA and an MA in French, specializing in 17th and 20th Century literature. I have been a lecturer in French at California State University at Los Angeles. I was the developer of Survival French classes taught in the San Francisco Bay Area at colleges and adult schools.




I teach all levels of math from Algebra 1 through Precalculus. I especially enjoy teaching trigonometry and Algebra 2. Whether you are learning Common Core or traditional, I can help.


I used to be so afraid of giving speeches, forgetting what I wanted to say as well as turning bright red! Then I was forced to give a sales presentation to a group of peers and found that it is all very easy to learn and easy to perform. I have given speeches at company functions, at trade show break-out sessions, to large group gatherings, as well as run seminars and teach classes. I can teach interested individuals how to stand, how to speak, and above all how to write a compelling speech.



I have taken four years of Italian in college, taught Survival Italian at a number of San Francisco Bay Area junior colleges, tutored private students, and direct an Italian chorus. I belong to several Italian affinity groups where Italian-only is the rule.



In my career, I have been a Marketing Manager for a line of software books as well as Director of Sales and Marketing for a 2 dental companies with sales in the millions. I have created sales forces nationally and internationally and trained them on how to market the great variety of high tech products. I have also taken various marketing classes in pursuit of an MBA.


I grew up speaking Hungarian even before learning English. I have tutored travelers going to Budapest 3 times. I read, write, and speak Hungarian. A nevem Vill?nyi L?szl? ?s m?g mindig besz?lek magyar?l a n?v?remmel. Van t?bb Magyar bar?tom, de a legt?bb sokkal id?sebb mint ?n.