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Boston College Grad, Collegiate Rower & Patient Professional

"The three great essentials to achieve anything worthwhile are, first, hard work; second, stick-to-itiveness; third, common sense." Thomas A. Edison The above captures all that I believe is necessary to succeed - in academics and athletics alike. I have found Edison's words to be true in my own experience, and I believe any student with a reasonable goal can achieve it by working hard, being relentless, but keeping a good head on his/her shoulders all the while. Soon after arriving at Bosto... [more]

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SAT Math

I scored a 760 on the math portion of the SAT back in high school and, in addition to having a thorough understanding of the test's demands, I enjoy helping relay concepts necessary to success and test strategies to my students.


I scored a 175 on the LSAT and believe any test-taker can achieve substantial improvement with the right tools in place. I've tested on, reviewed, and sometimes even re-tested on hundreds upon hundreds of practice questions since practice does not make perfect; PERFECT practice makes perfect.


Regarding the GRE, I scored 169/170 on the quantitative section and 165/170 on the verbal section, which puts me in the 96th percentile of test takers for each section. (The 334/340 combined score falls at or around the 99th percentile.) I also scored a 5.0/6.0 on the analytical writing section - landing me in the 93rd percentile for that section. I have an extensive background tutoring math up to and including pre-calculus and have also worked with about 20 LSAT students within the past few years; this diverse teaching experience helps me adjust to each student's needs and has prepared me well to help students of differing backgrounds and talents tackle the GRE.


SAT Reading

I enjoy helping my students master the different question types that appear on the Reading Test of the SAT. By anticipating the various change-ups that can get thrown their way, my students benefit in becoming more critical thinkers, and they become versatile test-takers as a result.

SAT Writing

I scored a 780 on the Writing Test of the SAT back in high school, when the test was out of 2400, and I currently enjoy helping students work through the new SAT's grammatical questions and more challenging logical organization and transition questions.



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I am qualified in logic - generally - given my minor in philosophy completed at Boston College in May 2015. I am qualified - specifically - given my course grade "A" in the course "Logic", which I completed during my third year of study. In addition to this introductory course, I earned an "A-" in the course "Charles S. Pierce", which (as the name suggests) was dedicated to the study of American logician Charles S. Pierce. I have since continued to study logic, largely in preparation for the October 2015 LSAT, on which I scored in the 90th percentile.