Miller G.

Miller G.


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Retired AP Chemistry Teacher

After spending 30 years in the Chemical Industry in various jobs from research synthesis, engineering scale up, analytical testing (both chemical and physical) and quality assurance (statistical quality control), I became a High School Teacher. I spent 11 years teaching Science, Chemistry and AP Chemistry. My BS degree is in Chemistry and I have a minor in Geology. My skill set includes teaching study skills - the Cornell note taking system is designed to move information from short term me... [more]

Algebra 1

Chemistry calculations are predominantly algebra. I generally had to reteach algebra to my Chemistry students.


I have 30 years in the Chemical Industry in Various Positions. I'm a retired Chemistry, and AP Chemistry teacher.


Physical Science

I taught Physical Science to middle school students for three years. Later I taught remedial Physical Science to low performing high school students.


I have 30 plus hours in Geology, giving me a minor in Geology with my BS degree in Chemistry.