James C.

James C.


Provo, UT 84601

Will travel 10 miles

$35 per hour.

4.92 66 ratings

Invested in my students.

I am working on an electrical engineering degree at BYU and have spent six years substitute teaching or tutoring. I love helping people understand new things, and have been 'translating' between teachers and students since I was in elementary school. I try to adjust my tutoring to the style a given student seems to learn from best. One thing I do try to be consistent about is allowing students to do as much as they can with what they know already, and then providing support or instruction w... [more]

Algebra 1

I have studied math extensively in connection with my pursuit of a degree in physics teaching. In high school I got a 5 out of 5 on the AP calculus exam, and have continued to enjoy my math classes since.

Algebra 2



I have always done well in my English classes and continue to enjoy both reading and writing. I often write as a hobby, and have attended writer's conferences as an adult as well.




Physics has fascinated me since I picked up a book on particle physics in sixth grade that had concepts I didn't see again until I got to college. I have minored in this subject at BYU and am now a junior in electrical engineering.







Physical Science

My emphasis in physical science is obviously in the physics part of it, but I have also taken courses on the earth science and chemistry aspects, and enjoy all three. I got a 36 on the science portion of the ACT while in high school.