Yoshi M.

Yoshi M.


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Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, , Anatomy, Japanese tutor

I have had the pleasure of tutoring undergraduate students at Indiana University in general chemistry and biochemistry, general chemistry labs, organic chemistry, biology, and anatomy. I also have experience as an assistant instructor, leading a general chemistry lab for a semester. Chemistry can be a very hard subject area. Thankfully, I have had many good teachers, professors, and assistant instructors throughout my academic career that have helped me understand and learn the material. T... [more]

Algebra 1

I have taken up through Calculus III at Indiana University Bloomington and have tutored a range of math classes including Algebra 1 and 2, geometry, statistics, and Calculus I for 2+ years.

Algebra 2

I have taken up through Calculus III at Indiana University Bloomington and have tutored math classes including Algebra 1 and 2, Geometry, Statistics, and Calculus I.




I have earned a Chemistry degree. My degree is a B.S. And I have tutoring experience in high school algebra 1 and 2, geometry, calculus, stats, and college calculus. Plus, I have experience with High school chemistry, AP Chemistry, College general chemistry, and organic chemistry.









World History

Physical Science

Elementary Math

Organic Chemistry

I have taken Organic Chemistry lectures I, II, and III as well as Honors Organic Chemistry Lab I and Organic Chemistry Lab II at Indiana University Bloomington and have received an A, A, A-, A-, and A respectively. I also have experience tutoring Organic Chemistry Lecture I at Indiana University Bloomington. I utilize models to understand the three dimensional aspect of the subject and encourage students to practice repetitively until it becomes second nature to them. It is impossible to memorize the material as there is too much. Instead, identifying patterns and approaching the subject as if it was a second language would yield great understanding.