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I am currently completing my PhD in Anthropology. I study at the University of Pennsylvania but am currently a visiting student at the University of Michigan - Ann Arbor. I have been teaching in anthropology and archaeology for the past six years. I've maintained highest teaching reviews among my fellow teaching assistants in these courses and have been nominated for a teaching award. In all of my classes I try to bring the best of what my own teachers and mentors have offered me: dedication,... [more]

American History

General Computer

Microsoft Word

Microsoft PowerPoint

Whether its for a conference presentation, class, or the quick production of media images, power point is a great tool. I have been using it for over a decade and have helped a number of others craft their powerpoint presentations to be clear, engaging, and effective.



I have been tutoring Spanish since 9th grade. While I am a Spanish-as-a-Second-Language speaker and learner, my mastery of Spanish grammatical code and vocabulary has always been strong. I trained formally in Spanish from 6th grade through college. I maintain an advanced/intermediate speaking, reading, and writing level with conversational fluency and academic/professional proficiency. My dissertation fieldwork is conducted Quintana Roo, Mexico where I regularly spend periods of 2-4 months at a time conducting research solely in Spanish (or occasionally in the local language Yucatec Maya!)


As a PhD student, I have learned that writing well and in a variety of styles and capacities is a skill that will benefit you in almost any endeavor. One of the most rewarding experiences I have had as a college-level teaching assistant is working with students to improve their research and writing skills. In fact, one of my students remarked that I was the first person to ever truly teach him how to write (instead of expecting him to have learned it.. I don't know... by osmosis?). He went on to use the skills we worked with to write the final papers for his other seminars, earning As in all three. My expertise in tutoring writing goes beyond writing alone: good writing is a reflection of good, directed reading and solid comprehension. Because of this, I am comfortable tutoring all levels and styles of writing, although my strengths lie in analytical and argumentative writing more than creative. I consider the study subjects of AP English Language, AP English Literature, Essay Writing, English, SAT/ACT/PSAT/SSAT reading/writing/English/comprehension, SAT II Literature, Language Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences to be under the umbrella of "Writing."



World History


As an advanced graduate student, I understand the impact of clear communication. Nothing can be more distracting than a fantastic argument brought down by mistakes in grammar and punctuation. Clarity is key. I have held a number of editing positions as well including being Editor-in-Chief for my undergraduate disciplinary journal and currently serving as a contributing editor for one of my professional organization's newsletters. I am also an invited reviewer for a new international journal in archaeology.

Study Skills

I often comment that if I weren't doing a PhD, I'd go into Organizational Management. Organization at its most basic and time management are critical for success - especially in today's multi-tasking, heavily committed world. As a student staff member in my college dorm, I held many courses and workshops on study skills, success in college, and professionalism. I completed two degrees in four years because of my mastery of study techniques and I have maintained that propensity through the progression of my self-guided graduate research.

College Counseling

I have worked independently with a number of students on their college and graduate school applications. As a senior in college, I worked as a Diversity Recruitment Associate for the Office of Undergraduate Admissions where I was responsible for outreach to under-resourced and under-represented school districts throughout Northern California. I recruited students and helped them through the application process, always emphasizing that the worst thing you can do as a student is not apply - you never know what admissions counselors will be looking for. I am also a Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellow and a Institute for the Recruitment of Teachers Associates Program Fellow - two programs focused on minority and women pipeline issues in higher education.


I am currently completing my PhD in Anthropology at the University of Pennsylvania (although I am currently living in Ann Arbor). I completed my MA in Anthropology at Stanford University in 2011. Although my dissertation concentration is in archaeology, I have been a teaching assistant for two cultural anthropology courses - "Globalization in Historical Perspective" and "The Modern World and Its Cultural Background." In these courses, I taught to weekly 50-minute discussion sections and held regular office hours for one-on-one advising. I also regularly contribute scholarship to anthropological professional organizations.


My ongoing PhD dissertation research focuses on the archaeology of a series of 19th century indigenous revolt sites in Quintana Roo, Mexico. In addition to my current fieldwork, I have worked on archaeological projects in Turkey (Catalhoyuk), Northern England (Binchester Roman Fort), Western Australia, and throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. I have been a teaching assistant for two archaeology courses - "Introduction to Archaeology" and "Public Policy, Museums, and Cultural Heritage" - for which I taught two weekly 50-minute discussion sections and held office hours for individualized advising. I received my BA in archaeology from Stanford University in 2011.

Social Studies

As an anthropologist, social studies is in many ways what I do. Social studies at the junior and high school levels is geared at general knowledge about the world, American history, and civic engagement. As an American Anthropologist, the American history is critical to my understanding of contemporary world politics. But, what is more, teaching a broad understanding of the world, cultural diversity, the importance of history, and the obligations of civic participation have been cornerstones to each of the courses I have TAed.

Microsoft Publisher

In my capacity as a Program Coordinator for the Black Community Services Center and Publications Chair for the NAACP Chapter at Stanford University, I frequently utilized Publisher to create brochures, posters, invitations, and more.

Political Science

While my degrees are in Anthropology and Archaeology, I minored in International Relations and my dissertation work, among other things, explores the contested nature of cultural heritage as a political tool. Much of the work I continue to do is at the intersection of Anthropology, History, and Political Science. One of the courses I TAed for was also crossed listed in Political Science and International Relations - "Globalization in Historical Perspective."