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Medical Student - Biology & Math Tutor

I have been a tutor for the majority of my undergraduate education at University of California, Berkeley. I tutored students in an array of science courses during my undergraduate years. I have tutored students in physiology, genetics, cell biology, and nutritional sciences. Additionally, after obtaining my baccalaureate degree in two majors: Public Health and Molecular and Cell Biology, I tutored students who were all in different grades, ranging from elementary school all the way to high s... [more]

Algebra 1






Elementary Math

Elementary (K-6th)

I have been a tutor for elementary students before. I've taught students one- on- one as well as in a group setting. I have knowledge ranging from elementary math all the way to the biological sciences. I have tutored elementary students in math, varying from simple arithmetic to more advanced topics such as fractions and linear equations. Additionally, I have taught students English comprehension, helping them with their grammar and spelling. Furthermore, I have tutored students in the physical and biological sciences. Lastly, world history and U.S. history are topics I have taught in the past as well. I felt it most effective when students are given examples to utilize their knowledge after learning about the subject.


At my undergraduate campus, I learned about Mendelian Genetics thoroughly. I did well on the exams and got an A. I understand the different modes of inheritance, pedigree analysis, and probability factors. I also took genetics in medical school and have taught it.


I am a native Vietnamese speaker. I took a year of Vietnamese and have used it on a daily basis. I know all the tonal marks as well as the alphabet. I am proficient in the grammar and spelling of the Vietnamese language. I can teach others how to write as well as how to speak it.


In grade school, I understood the proper way to write in cursive. I have the instructions and the patience to teach handwriting to other students in elementary school. I still utilize cursive and it is very pertinent in improving penmanship. I have taught students how to write in cursive before.