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Tutor of English, Philosophy, Humanities and Social Sciences

I have a PhD from the University of Miami. I began tutoring when I was a freshman in college. I primarily tutored Logic classes, but did some work with students on their papers as well. I tutored through the Philosophy Department, the Multi-cultural Student Services Center, and the Communications department. I taught college level philosophy during and after my grad school work, and grade-school level philosophy as well, for over a year. I quit when I had my first baby, and about two years ... [more]

American History

I have a Ph.D in philosophy, and used to be a college-level instructor (though I've quit that now in order to spend most of my time with my two small daughters). Although my education is in a field different from American history, much of what I learned when I was becoming a teacher makes me able to help students in most fields within the humanities and social sciences. I did study some history in college, and did some work in philosophy of history while taking the Ph.D.



I have a strong understanding of English grammar, as I had a grammar-heavy elementary English education, and did a lot of writing throughout high school and college, culminating in my 100+ page dissertation, which had to meet rigorous technical standards. I have taught diagramming (and firmly believe that learning to diagram helps with writing and especially with learning to proofread one's own work). I am good at explaining grammatical rules as they influence choices about how to express ideas.


I read a lot myself and really enjoy helping other people work on it! I have worked with several students who have challenges like dyslexia and ADD. I have found that strategies involving intentional use of spelling to be really helpful, but of course no one strategy works for every student and I'm good at finding alternative ways to teach skills.


I wrote papers in high school and college for years, culminating with a 100+ page dissertation for which there were very strict content and formatting requirements. As a college instructor, I routinely assigned and graded papers, most of them 1-5 pages in length, and part of my job was to offer feedback on them so that students could rewrite and improve their performance. I have a strong understanding of grammar, and can explain changes that I suggest clearly. I am also good at looking at assignments and helping students work towards meeting requirements.



While doing my undergraduate work in philosophy, I took a minor in English, most of the classes in literature or writing. My PhD project was in Philosophy of Literature; it was about how truth is communicated through fiction. While teaching at universities during graduate school and at community colleges after completing my education, I routinely assigned, graded, and helped students work on papers, usually between 1 and 5 pages in length. I have an excellent grasp of most areas of English, including mechanics (grammar, punctuation, capitalization, etc), writing (both form and content), reading, and literature.


I've taught English as a Second Language to elementary age children in Nepal, South Africa, and Thailand. All of those trips were short term (2 months or less) volunteer experiences. My main focus on those trips was to work on the students' pronunciation, heading towards making them able to be easily understood by native English speakers. I studied theater for several years, which included a fair bit of diction training, which I make use of when working with people on pronunciation. Besides pronunciation, I have a solid foundation in all aspects of English - grammar being probably my very strongest, since I had an elementary and secondary education that made grammar the focus of language arts study. But I also have a strong understanding of vocabulary, reading, writing, and literature.


My main area of expertise is in philosophy of literature. Additionally, my undergraduate English minor was almost exclusively in academic literature.


As an instructor in the universities where I studied and in community colleges, one of my main tasks outside of actual classroom instruction was working with students on their papers during office hours. I did that for about 10 years. Additionally, I had to proofread my own dissertation, which was a 100+ page document with very strict rules regarding mechanics and formatting. I am able to help with any style (i.e. MLA, Chicago, etc). I have a strong grasp of grammar and can explain the reasoning behind corrections that I suggest.


I studied acting under Elizabeth Pelham, an actress, director, and agent who studied with Alfred Hitchcock, among others. I am capable of working with students on reading and marking scripts; developing character; speaking, diction, and projection (including using emphasis and accent); and blocking and movement. I have been involved in several amateur productions in a number of roles, both on stage and behind the scenes.


I taught Introduction to Logic at Western Michigan University and Bellevue College (WA) for many quarters. I generally covered truth-functional, propositional, and predicate logic, sometimes getting as far as using the identity symbol. I also taught Critical Thinking from time to time, and am adept at the use of Aristotelian Venn Diagrams and syllogistic logic. I used to tutor this subject at Bellevue College (WA) and Washington State University, when I was taking my undergraduate degree.