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Experienced Attorney, University Lecturer, and Scientific Background

For more than fifteen years, I practiced law in New York City. Perhaps the most important role I played for my clients was that of an advisor, educating them how the law applied to particular factual situations. Taking abstract legal concepts, and breaking them down into terms understandable to a layperson was critical to my practice. In addition, explaining complicated factual situations to judges in court, under the pressures of oral arguments, allowed me to further develop my skills in ... [more]

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I received a Juris Doctor from New York University School of Law in 1998, and am admitted to the Bar in the State of New York. I practiced law in New York City for more than fifteen years, six of them as a solo practitioner. I am currently an Adjunct Faculty member at Fresno State University, teaching law courses at the undergraduate level.


Bar Exam

I am an attorney admitted in New York. I, thankfully, passed the Bar Exam on the first attempt. I practiced law for more than fifteen years, and am now teaching undergraduate courses in law at Fresno State University.

Political Science

I have a law degree from New York University, as well as an undergraduate degree in political science from the University of California at Davis. My practice as an attorney allowed me to see how government, at least the judicial branch in New York State, really functions. I began teaching at Fresno State University just last semester, teaching one class of business law. Thirty-four students took part in evaluating me and in response to the prompt "Overall, I rate this instructor as an excellent teacher", twenty-one students rated me at five, and eight rated me at four, on a scale from one to five.