Dave J.

Dave J.


Leesburg, VA 20176

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Experienced Analyst and Expert User - MS Office, Excel, Access and VBA

I am passionate about learning. I also love to teach, and somewhere along the way, I discovered that I am good at it. There are many things that go into being "good at it." Obviously you need to have mastered the subject matter, but that is not enough. You must also be able to relate it in a way that is relevant and engaging. Finally, you must be understanding and patient. A sense of humor certainly doesn't hurt either. My education as an engineer, 25+ years of experiences in my profes... [more]

Microsoft Excel

I am qualified to tutor Excel because I know it, use it and teach it at an expert level. I am currently using Office 365 and Excel 2013 in my own work, but have used every version since Office 97. Between my own needs, and those of my clients, I have used most of Excel's built-in functionality and have also extended its capability using VBA. My approach to tutoring Excel is to find out what you want to learn and then explain and demonstrate all of the options available.

General Computer

Microsoft Word

Microsoft PowerPoint

I've been using PowerPoint on a daily basis for 25+ years. In that time, I've mastered essentially every feature and have also used VBA to further extend PowerPoint's functionality. Realizing early on that creating presentations can take a large amount of time, I created templates and have also linked Excel and Access to automatically populate slides. If you are interested in learning PowerPoint, or ratcheting your level of knowledge up a notch, I can help.

Microsoft Access

I have used MS Access in my professional career as an engineer, program manager and consultant spanning 25+ years. I?ve developed stand-alone desktop databases, custom web apps and Automation programs combining Access with Excel, Word, Outlook, PowerPoint and Project using VBA. I?ve split databases, placing the back-end on a server, and connected multiple front-ends with up to 10 users at a time. Access is also very useful to quickly import Excel information, perform queries and export the results back to Excel. I've taught and tutored all levels of Access.

Microsoft Outlook

I have used Outlook in my entire professional career. As a consultant, I teach that you need to let the tools do the heavy lifting, keep you organized and save time. I've taught and tutored other professionals on how to get the most out of Outlook so that they can focus on their core business. Using VB, I've also had other programs (primarily Excel and Access) send e-mails and tally results from received e-mails.

Visual Basic

Visual Basic is the common language behind all of MS Office Products and I have used it with every program - not only to extend the functionality of each program, but to have the programs work together. If you can achieve a level of 10 by using a single MS application, you can achieve a level of 100 by using VB. I have tutored and taught all levels of VB.

Microsoft Project

MS Project is a relatively easy program to learn, but difficult to master. As a program manager of multi-million dollar programs, I learned and became a fluent in MS Project. I?ve imported and exported data from Access and Excel and have used VBA to extend its functionality even further. Ironically, I've failed many times using Project and had to keep at it until I figured it out. Those failures are how I became an expert at it. I?ve taught and tutored all levels of MS Project.