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Math, Physics, Scientific Computing, Earth Sciences Tutoring

I'm a graduate of Dartmouth College with majors in Physics and Earth Sciences and programming experience in the Python, MATLAB, and C/C++ languages. Currently, I'm a Ph.D. student at Harvard in the Earth and Planetary Sciences Department. I've been consistently surprised by how much I enjoy tutoring my favorite subjects and I'd love to work with enthusiastic and curious students. In the past, I've tutored introductory computer science, been a study group leader for an intermediate level cal... [more]

Algebra 1

Algebra 2


In high school I took the AP calculus BC and excelled in it, later learning multivariable calculus and differential equations in college.





I've taken two computing courses which required the use of C and C++ for general programming projects and for projects focused specifically on numerical modeling. I've developed moderately complex models (solvers for coupled partial differential equations) in C++ on my own for research purposes. Generally, I use a mix of higher level languages like Python and MATLAB for slow but complex parts of a model, then use C++ for parts that need to be fast.


I have taken an introductory computer science course that was taught mostly in C. The course covers fundamental programming concepts like syntax, data structures, basic algorithms, file I/O, and programming style. I have worked with a tutee for the same course, reinforcing the class material and discussing/analyzing the accompanying programming assignments.


I have spent an extensive amount of time scripting with the MATLAB language and using the development environment for my senior honors thesis. I built a self-contained numerical/mathematical model in MATLAB to test a geophysical hypothesis. MATLAB is my strongest programming language.


I have extensive experience writing scientific code in Python for a range of applications. I worked for an environmental consulting firm where I was responsible for the programmatic side of several projects. I've used Python for courses in numerical analysis and applied math, and I rely heavily on the language for my current research.