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Dr. Anu C.


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Experienced Teacher with Math, Science, Stats, Biology, GRE, IELTS

I love tutoring. I started tutoring when I was 9 years old and I haven't stopped. I absolutely love to tutor students. It does not matter if you are in elementary school, middle school, high school, college, grad students or doctorate level or a med student or attending dental school or 50-60 years old. I would still love to connect with you and help you. I have been teaching and changing the lives of the students from all over the world with tutoring for 15 years now. I have taught school ... [more]

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I have been teaching Math- Algebra I & II, geometry, trigonometry, statistics and many other concepts for last 12 years. I have taught students all over the world ranging from school kids- high school, middle school, college students- undergraduate students, graduate students- masters level and doctorate-Ph. D students as well. I enjoyed learning Math back in school which is why I immensely enjoy teaching Math as well. Every student I have taught has benefit from my teaching and the lessons plans. I firmly believe every student is special and needs a dedicated way of teaching.


My experience with Biology is as vast as Anatomy. To get into dental school where I had studied anatomy, I passed an examination which required me to perform well in Basic Biology, chemistry and physics. I cleared all of the subjects very well, and I continued to focus on the biology as my core course. I have learnt the biology of animal system, classification of animal kingdom and differentiation, classification of the human systems and metabolism, etc. I will be able to help you well if I know exact topic you need tutoring in. I can teach the subjects ranging from cellular biology to the genetics of the human body.


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I have tutored college level students in statistics and the doctorate level nursing students. I have guided the students ranging from their college mid term exams to the nursing students with their dissertation and capstone data analysis. This varied range of experience will also be helpful for you. I currently work tutoring students of different undergrad majors like biology, statistics, math, environmental science, public health, medical lab science, etc.



I have finished the dental school as my undergrad degree and throughout the four years I had been a distinction student. I have read and thoroughly studied via books of Gray's Anatomy, Seeley's Anatomy, B. D. Chourasia's anatomy, Richard and Sneel Anatomy books. I have studied the general anatomy in detail as we needed to perform the dissection through the first year. Also in the first year, we also performed the dissection of the head and neck portion which required an efficient grasp of knowledge of the head and neck parts of human body. Additionally, the extremities and the visceral organs were covered in the subsequent years in the same pattern of learning and dissection of cadavers. I am well suited to teach you for your anatomy with the health care and nursing point of view as I have previously exposed to such a academic and work culture.


I appeared for GRE a year back. I made an extensive set of notes myself and also from my previous tutor who was a English literature graduate. I took her notes in the class and added my personal notes to it. Also, my tactics for preparation were pretty sophisticated such that I was able to complete in time and cover equal amount of material for quants and verbal. I shall follow the same pattern with you too if we decide to work further. I have ebooks and notes for the words, reading comprehension and the completion of blanks. For the topic of writing, we shall learn the protocol to follow and then work on each topic accordingly. The protocol is to save time in the final GRE exam so that you have more time to type in answer and elaborate more. I have more of such tips to share. I can guide you in the easiest and efficient way possible.


I have completed my dental school as my undergrad. i have studied a detailed and thorough literature about the general and oral microbiology learning about culture medium, biochemical reactions in the body which can be used in the diagnostic tests. I have worked in the lab to test for the acid fast staining, h and e staining and ground sectioning of the specimens. I have simultaneous worked in the lab as a practice to theory. I have also spent almost 220 hours of practice in oral microbiology, histology and pathology. I spent diagnosing the specimen of squamous cell carcinoma, cases of syphilis and candidiasis from a sample of HIV positive patient and also assisted the Ph.D students in department with their lab work to gain knowledge.

Elementary Math


I am a graduate student in biostatistics and I have completed the courses of DPH 623 & 723 as core courses of the program. In both the subjects I have maintained an A grade. I have tutored the freshman students for the introduction of biostatistics as a beginner course. I have also taught the Doctor of Nursing Practice Students with the capstone projects which need many biostatistical calculations and interpretations.


As an undergraduate degree I completed my dental school of five years with a year of clinical dental practice and surgical internship. I was a distinct student in the class. I have maintained a well versed and practical approach while applying the principles of dentistry. I am aiming at appearing for National Boards of Dental examinations in 2017.


I can fluently speak Hindi as it has been one of the languages I learnt through out my grade schools. I have completed all the levels of Hindi language. I have written many articles and short stories in Hindi. I can teach Hindi very well to a non Hindi student as I have been a similar student. My approach for tutoring is simple but systematic so that the student gets to learn at his/her own comfortable pace and learn the language actually. I plan to follow the simplest and easiest pattern of the subject to teach. From beginners to learners and fluent.


While studying in Dental school, I learnt the subject of Pharmacology in a great depth. I learnt about the general pharmacology- about pharmcodynamics, pharmacokinetics, Hoffman's elimination reaction, bioavailability. Also further I learnt about the drugs according to the system those act on and detailed mechanism of actions of all of them. I also learnt about the substitute drugs and special diseases which are treated with specific drugs. My personal favorite topic to learn and teach is the NSAIDS, diuretics and antibiotics, though I can teach all the topics coming under pharmacology.


I am a Certified English Tutor for teaching English as a second language. I have cleared the IELTS exam with 8 bands overall. L-9, S-8.5 W-7.5 R-7.5 I am well versed in General Training and Academic tests. Since I have prepared and appeared myself for the IELTS, I know the pattern of studies relevant to the pattern of the questions actually asked in the exam. The writing and speaking exercises need to be practiced properly which my guide taught me well and I can reproduce the same knowledge while I tutor a student for the exam. Above I have mentioned my scores for the IELTS which can give an idea about my expertise with English and IELTS. PS- I expertise in the IELTS for the immigrational purposes to the English Speaking countries.