Ryan S.

Ryan S.


Franklin Park, IL 60131

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Striving for a deeper understanding

As an artist I've always been fascinated with trying to grasp a deeper understanding of things by finding analogues to problems and gaining insight through that. The reason is i have something called Synesthesia, or a mixing of the senses. For me it just means i can see music inside my mind very vividly. This has helped me in a variety of ways in both my visual and musical art. That's what i mean by finding analogues. I try to get a hold of one things by maybe finding a similarity in another ... [more]

Adobe Photoshop

I have had 6 years of experience as a student and 4 years on top of that as a working artist. I mastered Photoshop and its tools years ago, and can professionally paint and edit photos in the program.


I have been playing Guitar for over 10 years in a band and as a solo practice. I understand musical theory to a point of near complete understanding although the upper echelons escape me such as composing symphonies and the finer details of jazz soloing. I can explain the guitar neck, mechanics, chord structure, and pentatonic patterns in an understandable way for advanced or beginner guitarists.

Video Production

As a 3d animation major I've been trained in Adobe after effects and Flash. Video production is a huge part of composting 3d renders as well as creating demo reels and music videos. I was taught proper video editing techniques such as how to shoot scene for live action movies, pacing, rendering settings, editing, adding effects, and some motion tracking.

Music Production

I've been recording music for about 5 years now. I have a deep understanding of how compression, eq, panning, and mixing using subtraction work and have recorded my band as well as multiple others. I feel i can teach the basics and intermediate levels of recording and mixing music.