Debra C.

Debra C.


Minoa, NY 13116

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$30 per hour.

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Let's have conversations in English!

I love to tutor and help people speak English better! It's wonderful to have learned it in your native country or online, but it's entirely different to be able to speak clearly and easily in conversations with Americans and other English speakers. In conversation, many of the choices of words, grammar and colloquial slang are very different than what you may have been taught as proper English. Also, many of the words and phrases used in the US are quite different, or not used, in other E... [more]

American History



As a native English-speaking American, I traveled to Europe and the Middle East, and ended up marrying an Italian man who did not speak English. While I learned Italian, I taught him and many others the English language. I have also tutored ESL, and am a writer.








I'm one of those people that used to win Spelling Bees as a kid, and now I usually spot the spelling errors in printed material and online. As a secretary for many years, part of the proofreading of all my work was the spelling of regular and legal terms. It would be a pleasure to help you get better with your spelling.