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Experienced Educational Specialist

Laurel is an experienced, energetic, and compassionate Education Specialist who is adept at addressing each student?s unique needs. She creates effective lesson plans to accommodate individual learning styles. She was an elementary school special education teacher for thirteen years and taught children in kindergarten through fifth grade. She supported many students, including those with learning disabilities, behavior challenges, attention deficit and autism spectrum disorders. Laurel va... [more]



I am qualified to teach reading to grades K-12. I have a multi subject teaching credential and an Education Specialist Credential which qualifies me to teach children and adults with learning disabilities, including dyslexia. I worked as an Elementary School Resource Teacher for 13 years. A high percentage of our students presented with reading challenges. I have training in several programs, including Read Naturally (fluency), Linda Mood Bell (LIPS and Seeing Stars), and Orton Gillingham. Orton Gillingham was created to address the needs of children with dyslexia. Currently I see excellent progress with the students with whom I work. I use a variety of programs which are matched to the needs of the student. References are available.


I have a B.A. in English Literature and a Special Education Credential focusing on mild to moderate learning disabilities. I have training in the Orton Gillingham Reading Program which was designed for children with reading difficulties. I have been trained in the Linda Mood Bell LIPS (phonics program) and the LMB Visualizing and Verbalizing (reading comprehension) Program. I am familiar with the highly regarded Reading and Writing Project based in New York and was sent by my school district to participate in an affiliated teacher training.


Elementary (K-6th)

I have a current educational specialist credential. I am certified to teach multi subject curriculum in elementary school in California.


I taught reading in elementary school for 13 years. I have had training in Linda Mood Bell LIPS and Orton Gillingham. I used Explode the Code, and Phonics for reading by Anita Archer as supplements to regular reading curriculum for struggling students.

Study Skills

As a special education resource specialist, I assisted many students over the years with study skills. I helped students organize paperwork, prioritize, use assignment notebooks, manage time effectively, take notes, summarize, and become familiar with educational resources on line and in the library. Checklists, acronyms and audio are also valuable.

Special Needs

I have a special education credential since 2002. I am an education specialist with my degree in teaching children with mild to moderate disabilities. I received my special ed degree at Sonoma State in Ca.


As a Resource Specialist I worked with many students with ADHD and participated in many professional development workshops on that subject. suggestions: frequent breaks chunking information brain breaks time timer opportunities to perform errands fiddle ball bouncy seat organizational help follow non preferred activity with preferred activity list of preferable activities to use as rewards

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

Autism added certification per California Credential Experience working with autistic children in my special education program.


As a resource specialist I worked with many children with "dyslexia". Dyslexia is a medical term, which we were not permitted to diagnose in our school district. An umbrella term for a low reader, it is characterized by a lack of fluency, omitting and substituting letters in words, omitting "small" words (in, then, the etc.), forgetting a word which has previously been decoded and skipping lines of text. The reader often has the sense that words are moving on the page. Children with dyslexia need systematic, sequential and frequent periods of reading instruction. often text needs to be enlarged for the dyslexic reader.


I had lots of practice using the program Handwriting Without Tears with elementary school students. We used the books, clay, chalk and chalk boards.