Ebony S.

Ebony S.


Philadelphia, PA 19120

Will travel 20 miles

$35 per hour.

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Hello, my name is Ebony. I am a diligent worker. I love teaching!

I've loved learning since before I could walk. I'm really observant, and I grasp things quickly. I'm totally blind, and fluent in braille. I'm an avid reader; English was my favorite subject in grade school. While in school, I tutored braille, and have taught people in any way I could. I've received accolades fin Spanish, for outstanding achievement in reading, and writing, as well as the "White Hall Leadership award" for independence, and independent living. I've been active in my school c... [more]



I have graduated high school proficient in reading. I do well in all areas of reading. I could help with figuring out context clues, I?m great and comprehension.


I did very well in English. I've received a few awards in high school and passed most tests. I've helped other friends with assignments.


I am fluent in English, both spoken, and written. I am a stickler for grammar, punctuation, and proofreading.



I have been reading braille since age three. I am fluent in grades 1, 2, and I've acquainted myself with Unified English Braille. In high school, I tutored another student in braille, and I've brailled business cards for school faculty.