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Advertising & Marketing Creative Director Consultant

I've been an advertising instructor at Art Center School of Design in Pasadena. I'm an experienced Creative Director, and though currently self-employed with clients of my own, I also serve and have served over the years as Creative Director for a number of small to medium sized ad agencies. Prior to that, I served as Creative Director and Associate Creative Director at large ad agencies in Los Angeles, New York and Chicago. I've been developing Web sites and Interactive Marketing since 1997.... [more]

Adobe Photoshop

Having begun my advertising career as a photographer (I worked for a photographer who studied under Ansel Adams), I have always had an affinity for camera-captured images. And while I use to utilize retouchers in so much of the work I handled (even retouching via dyes color transparencies), I was quite simply overjoyed to be able to learn and become an expert retoucher myself. I must say Photoshop has allowed me to be my own master in a field I have found rewarding in monetary and personal satisfaction. All hail Adobe - at least for this aspect of their unique enterprise.

Adobe Illustrator

In the early 1990s, I was literally taught Illustrator by Sky Dayton before he went on to found Earthlink. Illustrator was always better for me than Freehand, which was once a competing vector-based application that was abandoned when Adobe acquired Freehand's parent company. Freehand did, however, become a part of the structor of Flash - still active, though not useful for mobile devices. Illustrator and Photoshop are 2 of my most commonly utilized applications - the former being the equivalent to "line art" (vector) and the later being the equivalent to "continuos-tone art/photos" (raster). I love them both.

Adobe InDesign

I have been using QuarkXpress since 1991 and InDesign since Adobe abandoned the dreadful PageMaker program. I still find Quark superior in some respects, but the interactivity between Adobe apps makes InDesign the most popular page layout program for printed materials by far. I once created a 54 page magazine in four days. I excel at print through making materials ready for press.

Desktop Publishing

I have had vast experience designing and producing work ready-for-press. I also have the same level of capabilities at making work ready for Web and other media. I utilize most if not all of the Adobe Creative Suite applications for publishing. I usually receive or create copy in Word and receive artwork or photos (or other such content - often, supplied by clients at a resolution unfit for publication) and convert (including scanning when needed) the input to accommodate various programs for the creation of final materials ready for publication. This method is used virtually for all media, including audio and/or video. I also have experience in editing A/V. I must say that having typographic powers has been a mixed blessing. In the past typographers expenses inhibited making too many changes - some necessary. But, desktop publishing prep work is an aspect that too often means time now spent doing so without adequate compensation. The biggest liability is proofreading - which typographic companies used to provide. Sadly, there are never enough eyes to spot many typos these days.


I have been a professional Mac user since 1991. I currently have 6 working Macs of various vintages in my work office, as well as 1 PC. I occasionally have replaced hard drives and RAM, but I usually don't go "under the hood." I do keep up with all the latest operating systems, except where the hardware does not allow it. I have always utilized various backup methodologies, currently using Mac's "Time Machine" and off-site "Crash Plan." Almost everywhere I've worked, I'm the go-to guy when others are having problems with their Macs - usually software, including operating system issues, but sometimes hardware malfunctions, too.