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Originally born in Scotland, I have lived in the U.S. since 1989. I have a background in the Arts and began my film work as a professional Special Makeup Effects artist at Pinewood and Shepperton Studios, England (1987/88) with Bob Keen - who worked on Jabba the Hutt (Star Wars). I specialize in both foam latex and silicone prosthetic makeup. My theological training started in 1987, and I am currently a PhD student in Theology and Apologetics - Biblical Studies/Cognates (Languages). I also w... [more]



I started playing piano at age 3, and formal lessons from 6 through 18. In 1977 (age 11) I received a Distinction Award for Performance in Pianoforte by The Royal Schools of Music, London. Each Grade level required study in ear training: sight reading and sight singing. I continued my own musical direction playing in local bands. Following the period between 1972-1987, I have served in local churches playing on worship teams throughout the years, the longest period from?2001-2007. My preference would be in tutoring students at the basic to intermediate levels (including theory).


I studied Koine (Middle) Greek for 2 years (4 semesters) at Moody Bible Institute; then in graduate school, sat an exam to bypass two semesters, thereby, going straight into third semester Greek exegesis. I have used biblical Greek for my?own personal daily spiritual nourishment, and now at the PhD level, use Greek in each course of academic study. I use biblical software programs for research (Accordance 10 and BibleWorks 10), and serve as a volunteer for the International Greek New Testament Project (, under the supervision of Dr. Bruce Morrill (Greek manuscript expert, Kansas State University). This work entails learning scribal habits and indexing ancient manuscripts (digitized and held at the University of Muenster, Germany).


I have had a passion for film since a young boy in Scotland. With a desire to be a Special Makeup Artist, I began working in a local children's pantomine. I began doing professional Special Makeup at Pinewood and Shepperton Studios, England (1987/88), as a Foam Latex technician. Coming to the U.S. I pursued academics, and then took up working in silicone prosthetics in 2006 (Pilgrims Progress), then working on independent film projects. I have also been invited to speak to Theater students at Liberty University. Until Spring-end 2015, I served as an Adjunct Instructor for incoming students in residential courses. I have taught Online courses since 2005, during which time I taught online film course (CINE340) for a semester, whose concentration was on the theological, philosophical and ethical issues dealt with in film. On average I watch between 150-200 films a year, and like teaching students the intellectual and social implications of film upon the prevailing culture. Since movies are the most important vehicle for "truth" in our time, the phrase coined by Marshall McLuhan stands true: "The medium is the message."