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Tutor with Many Hats: Writing, Math, Computer Science

I have two master's degrees, in computer science and creative writing, and have taught in many venues: universities, corporations, Sunday school, an ad hoc class at an alternative high school, etc. I have a passion for the subjects I know, for the students, and for learning and teaching in general. For over ten years, I ran a training business, aimed at computer professionals. Currently, I am in the process of developing a new set of courses in Computer Science. I work best wi... [more]

Algebra 1

I have an advanced degree in computer science and many years of experience developing software. The logic of algebra underpins all algorithm development. I enjoyed algebra 1 when I studied it, and have forgotten very little. From estimating my taxes, to determining an appropriate rent to charge a tenant, to determining my optimal nutrition requirements, I am always setting up equations and solving for "x." Algebra is a dynamic, necessary skill in today's world, and I hope I can help your student find the same pleasure in it that I do.




My general teaching experience has ranged from teaching university classes to high school students to adults in a corporate setting. In addition to having a masters' degree in creative writing, I have written numerous technical articles and papers in my capacity as a software developer. I have written essays, short stories, short creative non-fiction pieces, a novel, and two screenplays.


I have an MFA in creative writing, and have written a novel and two screenplays. One of the latter has been referred to a Hollywood talent manager. So while I cross my fingers, I would love to share what I know, and the joy of writing with your child.



I first learned C++, in the early 90s, when it and Object-oriented design principals were in their infancy. It came at a time when I was just beginning to design a user interface project, that became manageable, with this knowledge. Within a week, I was a proponent, and spent over ten years developing in C++. I also have many years teaching experience to all age and experience levels. I have developed a classes in C++ that was offered to corporations and government agencies.


I first learned C in 1981, at the start of my career. I have programmed in it for over 20 years. I have over a decade of teaching experience, teaching students from grade school through adult in various settings.

Computer Programming

I have programmed computers for forty years in one capacity or another, using languages as varied as Cobol, FORTRAN, C, C++ and Java. I have developed and taught programming classes in C, C++ and Java at the university level.

Computer Science

I have a master's degree in computer science and over thirty years of experience as a developer. During ten years of that time, I also ran a training business, where I developed and delivered courses aimed at teaching computer professionals the latest skills.


I have worked in a Linux environment, modifying kernel code, as well as writing several articles for the Linux Weekly News. Since Linux is an open source version of Unix, my three years at ATT/Bell Labs, becoming proficient in Unix, is relevant. While there, I was part of a team developing an operating system to emulate Unix, so I also know Unix internals.


I worked at ATT/Bell Labs for three years, where I became proficient in Unix. I was part of a team developing an operating system to emulate Unix, so I also know Unix internals. More recently I have worked in a Linux environment, modifying kernel code.

Computer Engineering

I have taught software engineering at the university level for five semesters. I have also taught various aspects of software engineering (e.g., design) at the corporate level. I have thirty years development experience, working in industry, so I know what works.