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Patient, result-oriented, specializing in SAT Math, Alg 2 and Chinese

*Currently only tutoring online and at 2 Starbucks locations near tutor. Hi, my name is Yan. I'm a math and Chinese tutor with 17 years of experience. I started tutoring both subjects while I was a college student myself. I got hired by the Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) and the Foreign Language Department in my school to tutor other college students in math and Chinese. I also worked as a TA in EOP's pre-college programs where I conducted classroom-sized tutoring sessions. Upon gr... [more]

Algebra 1

Algebra 1 is one of the most common subjects I have come across with my students. I have a lot of experience with this subject and have helped many students get better grades.

Algebra 2

Algebra 2 is my favorite topic in Math, so evidently I have tutored most in this topic. It's my absolute joy to see a student having an "ah-ha" moment after I explained different concepts in Algebra 2 with the methods, tips and "tricks" I have learned growing up in China. Nowadays, I start to see more and more students equipped with some of these "tricks" when they come to my tutoring sessions. All of them have learned from math teachers who were educated up to high school in Asia. This is not to compare which educational system is better (I think both have their advantages and disadvantages), but the goal here is to show you that there are some concrete tools unknown to most American students. These tools are quick and effective. They will get the problems solved quickly and painlessly, and more importantly, they will finally bring about better understanding for you. Once things click, you enter a new world with math. Your grades will go up and the process of learning becomes more enjoyable. Algebra 2 in high school is equivalent to Intermediate Algebra in college. College placement exams, career-related tests and private high school entrance exams are all testing on similar topics. It's also the essential founding piece for many standardized tests, such as SAT, ACT and GRE. You can see that Algebra 2 is a very important course, once you master Algebra 2, you can basically pass any of these tests and be a step further towards your dreams.


I have worked with middle school students in prealgebra and helped them improve grades and increase confidence in their abilities to do math. Evidently, it has also helped them get ready for the math courses they are taking in high school.


SAT Math

I have worked with many students over the years to get them ready for SAT/SAT II and PSAT Math portion. SAT Math is hard for a lot of students mainly because the questions are being asked in such unfamiliar ways. The topics tested in SAT math only goes up to Algebra 2, with some Trigonometry, Geometry and Statistics. Most high school students have already taken these courses when they started preparing for the SAT; however, their biggest problem is they couldn't recognize what the questions are asking. So in my works with students in SAT prep, I often focus on "translating" the math problems into English and showing you how you can do that yourself. Most of the time, it's just a matter of understanding a handful of keywords and using them to come up with math equations for you to solve. Once you get comfortable with comprehending the questions quickly by yourself, you most likely can solve the problems since the knowledge is covered in your high school courses. If at that time, we discover some gaps in your understanding of any of those topics, I will work with you specifically in those areas to tidy up your knowledge. I?ll show you when to use mental math and when to use the calculator so you can be the most efficient with your time. I will also show you other techniques to solve the problems quickly without making careless mistakes so we can ensure you will finish all the problems in a timely manner with confidence. Usually, students see a 100-point increase after 2 months of tutoring, 4-6 hours/week.





ACT Math

I have worked with many students over the years to get them ready for ACT Math portion. In general, ACT Math is an easier test compared with SAT Math; it's being accepted by more colleges now and consequently has gained more popularity with the students and parents in the past few years. ACT Math is not as tricky as SAT Math, however, the questions are still being worded in ways that are very different from what you usually see in your high school math courses. With this understanding, I focus on "translating" the math problems into English for my students. Once you get comfortable with comprehending the questions in a short time, you most likely can solve the problems since the knowledge is covered in your high school courses. I will also show you techniques to bring up your speed without making careless mistakes so you could finish the 60 questions of this rigorous test within 60 minutes with confidence. Usually, students see a 5-point increase after 2 months of tutoring, 4-6 hours/week.

Elementary Math

I have worked with 5th and 6th graders, helping them get solid with the basics: additions, subtractions and time table, which are absolute foundations for their current school work and future studies. Also I'm familiar with the material they teach for Common Core Elementary Math. It's a joy to see my sessions have helped the students improve their grades and build more confidence in their math skills.


I work with high school and college students as well as adult learners in Chinese. Either at the beginner's or intermediate level, I help my students gain more confidence in their abilities in reading, writing, speaking and listening in Chinese. I can help you with your existing school work, suggest and make up material that's suitable to your specific needs or work with whatever specialties you'd like to go in. I am a native speaker that was raised in China until college, then I became fluent in English. I have done voice over work in Mandarin for a computer game and a commercial for children's education app. I also have worked with actors and voice over talents with their pronunciations for their scripts. Test prep is another area I tutor my students in. It includes HSK (a Chinese proficiency test for non-native speakers), AP Chinese and SAT Chinese. I cover test-taking techniques and cultural lessons that are applicable to help boost your scores in those tests. As long as you also put in hard work in your free time, you'd see progress after each month. We can set goals together and make sure the lessons are designed to hit those goals. Once you get the basics down in Chinese, it's a matter of learning the vocabularies on your own and just come to me for clarification in grammar and corrections in pronunciations. "Self-study + Targeted Help = Fluency in a short period of time", which should be the goal for language learners at any age. And I'm dedicated to help you achieve that.