Erika S.

Erika S.


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Former H.S. Teacher, M.Ed., 11+ years experience, Art, Ps, Ai, ESL/ELL

There is nothing more rewarding than seeing a student surpass their goals. Participating and coaching students through this process is my passion whether it be in English, reading, writing, art, college applications, portfolio preparation, or with general computer skills. I will help you reach your learning goals with custom tailored curriculum, individualized instruction and engaging learning activities! My strengths are in creating custom-tailored methods and strategies to meet the needs ... [more]



Microsoft Excel

General Computer

Microsoft Word

I have more than 20 years experience using Microsoft Word and Office products. I also have 8+ years experience in teaching students how to use Microsoft Word for word processing, essays, charts, labels, tables, and automating mail merges.

Microsoft PowerPoint

Very experienced in teaching others how to use slideshows for effective design, understanding, and engagement of the audience.


I am bilingual in English and Spanish. First-generation American, born to Dominican and Guatemalan parents. Learning a new language is more fun and effective when you are applying it in real life settings. So lets practice your Spanish conversational skills as we explore topics that interest you. I can help you with conversation, pronunciation, and with very basic reading & writing skills.


I taught high school for 8.5 years and have years experience in helping students write and revise their: research papers, essays, reflections, citations, drafts. I can help students develop written works from start to finish.



I have a lot of experience working with English Language Learners from working with the growing immigrant population in Chelsea, Massachusetts. I can help you develop your conversational and written English skills in a fun way!


Adobe Photoshop

I can show you how to get the most out of Photoshop for your individual goals! Learn how to edit/retouch photos, smooth skin, add makeup, turn a photo in a painting, change image size and resolution, learn the difference between different file formats (.psd versus .jpeg), and much more. One of my most popular lessons is a Surrealism project where we combine impossible objects, or people, and make them look real! Photoshop has so much to offer!


Adobe Illustrator

I have a lot of expertise teaching students how to learn Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. I have more than 8 years of experience and have a lot of materials, resources, screenshots, handouts, and lessons ready for use. I have also recorded lessons online so that may students may review the techniques/steps online at their own pace.

Art Theory

Study Skills

I taught in a high school for 8.5 years and provided afterschool homework help hours. I've coached and mentored many students in learning and applying learning strategies and study skills to improve their course grades. I create custom-tailored graphic organizers for daily, weekly, and long-term progress. The graphic organizers I have designed have been used and shared by many of my colleagues.

Special Needs

At the high school level I worked with students with special needs and with Individual Education Plans (IEPs) and 504 plans. I provided learning accommodations and used a variety of instructional methods to help students with special needs. Before teaching high school I was a teacher at a day program for adults special needs for 3+ years.


I was a high school teacher for over 8 years. While there I worked with many ADD/ADHD students on Individual Education Plans (IEPs) and with learning accommodations. I provided all accommodations for my ADD/ADHD students and used specific strategies and tools to help support their learning. I know first hand that creating custom graphic organizers, task "trackers", breaking up assignments into smaller tasks, and frequent checks for understanding are essential and work!

Adobe InDesign

I am knowledgeable with the Adobe Creative Suite of applications, including InDesign. I've taught digital art courses and graphic design, including InDesign. I have experience in teaching students to create custom multi-page documents and how to take advantage of InDesign's "link" features which allow for working with and editing multiple files from various formats and applications (like Photoshop and Illustrator).

Desktop Publishing

I've been using desktop publishing applications like Microsoft Word, Photoshop, Illustrator, Powerpoint, InDesign, and even Keynote to create products for screen or print, since high school. From young I enjoyed designing posters, invites, and marketing materials for friends and school events. As an adults I developed my skills by learning more about the applications and graphic design principles. I have taught art at a high school for 8.5 years and created and implemented a graphic design curriculum where students learned graphic design principles while learning Illustrator and InDesign to create products for print or web design.


Approximately 20 years of computer experience with Mac and PCs. Taught high school art for 8.5+ years which included intro level computer art classes using Macintosh computers. Developed materials and strategies for teaching digital art to students with little to no computer/Mac experience. Approximately 90% of the work I do is on Mac, however at times my work requires me to use a PC laptop. I am knowledgeable with Mac and PC operating systems.

Microsoft Outlook

I have years of experience using Microsoft Outlook and Exchange. I use Outlook daily and know how to use some of its unique features like the calendar, meeting makers, flagging, custom search tools, signatures, and folders. I also have tips and strategies I've developed from my experience of working part-time as an Office Manager for a small business, I am happy to share these methods with my students.

Graphic Design

I've experimented with graphic design since high school and began a more serious exploration in undergraduate school. I was a computer lab technician at Wheaton College and assisted students with digital design software. I taught high school art for 8.5+ years and designed and implemented the school's first digital arts/graphic design courses offered by the visual arts department, Digital Art & Design and Digital Drawing. I have done graphic design freelance since high school. The highest profile projects I've done include the Chelsea Public Schools, Bridge Academy, and 5DP logos for the city of Chelsea.


I first started calligraphy twenty years ago and since then have provided calligraphy services in my spare time. I can teach students proper posture, grip, angles/degrees, and exercises for improving their handwriting. I can also teach students about the history of lettering and typography as I have a passion and hobby in typographical design.