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Ellen G.


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Experienced ACT/SAT and math/science/Spanish tutor

Hi! I am a professional academic and SAT/ACT tutor with years of experience. I have had students improve as much as 7 ACT pts and 220 SAT pts. Normally, my schedule is full from referrals from parents of my students, but I currently have some room in my schedule for a few more students, so I've joined WyZant. Most of my students go to Carmel High School. SAT/ACT prep is my most popular service. Average improvement is 80-150 pts on SAT and 2-4 composite ACT pts; I have had students improv... [more]

Algebra 1

I have been tutoring all levels of algebra for about two years now. I've helped students who needed help for academics as well as those who struggled in algebra for standardized tests as well.

Algebra 2


I have been tutoring biology (regular, honors, and AP levels) for about two years. Biology was also my major in college; I have a bachelor's of science in the subject.


I have helped many students in chemistry throughout the academic year, including biochemistry in biology courses. I also took several chemistry courses in college as a science major and aced them.


Grammar is a huge factor both for students in school and on standardized test preparation. I have helped students of all ages with their grammar needs in school and I have also taught students grammar in both the SAT and ACT English sections.


Geometry is very prevalent on both the ACT and SAT; I have tutored this subject both for standardized test preparation and for academic purposes when kids are taking the course in school. Geometry has become one of my favorite subjects as I have taught it so much.


I have about two years of experience in tutoring physics, including regular, honors, and AP levels. I have tutored AP physics courses that used the same homework as the local university's physics homework. I also took and aced physics in college.


I have been tutoring all math up to and including calculus for about 5 years now, including Prealgebra.


I have taught all levels of precal for about 5 years.



I am fluent in Spanish, including reading, writing, and speaking. I studied abroad in an immersion program and minored in Spanish as well. Spanish is actually my favorite subject to teach. I've been tutoring Spanish for a few years now.




SAT Math

I have professionally tutored SAT Math for years and have helped students improve as much as 150 points in the math section alone.

World History


SAT Reading

I have taught the SAT reading and English sections for years, both the old and new versions. I have helped students raise their score as much as 100 points (on the current SAT).

SAT Writing

I have helped students improve their English score on the SAT as much as 100 points (on the current SAT).




ACT Reading

I have extensive experience teaching all sections of the ACT including the reading section. Many students struggle with the time constraint; I have helped kids go from only being able to complete 3/4 of the section to completing the whole section. I have helped scores improve as much as 8-10 points on the reading section.

ACT English

I have been tutoring specific approaches for the ACT English section and all ACT sections for years now. I have over 1000 hours of ACT/SAT prep experience and have helped students improve as much as 8-10 points on the English section.

ACT Math

I have taught ACT math and all ACT sections with section-specific strategies. I have helped students raise their math score by as much as 8 points.

ACT Science

I have over 1000 hours of ACT prep tutoring experience. I have helped many student in ACT science. I have helped students improve their scores as much as 6-8 points on the science section alone.

Elementary Math


I have worked with at least ten students in different age levels with ADD or ADHD. I have helped students who were diagnosed and had accommodations on both the ACT and SAT and in all subjects of coursework. I had a a set of middle school siblings for two years who had ADHD and we would worked together 3 nights a week.


I currently have an AP student that I tutor genetics for in her AP Biology class. I have taught genetics in AP and honors Bio courses with students at top tier high schools. I took Genetics in college and received an A in the course.


I have tutored several students in the ISEE including LL and UL ISEE. I had one student start with 1's and 2's in all sections and on his official test he got 4's and 5's after tutoring with me. I have about 100 hours of ISEE test prep experience.