Hussein M.

Hussein M.


Sterling Heights, MI 48312

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10 years of experience in tutoring Math Physics

I have been tutoring math for more than 10 years. I have encountered different kinds of students either at high school or at college especially students of Calc 1&2. Electronics engineering is my major. This means a lot of advanced mathematics and physics. This quest can be accomplished with only an excellent foundation in the basics of math like algebra, geometry, and trigonometry.... [more]

Algebra 1

Algebra 2

Microsoft Excel





Elementary Math


4 years Electrical Engineer with Embeded system focus. Proficient in Embedded C, C and C++ with A grade. I learned about pointers, structures, classes, arithmetic, functions, libraries, constants definition, and different operators used in the programming.

Linear Algebra

I finished Linear Algebra this semester with the highest grade in class "A". We learned about creating a matrix, raw operations, transposes, inverses, transformation, basis, eigen values and vectors, diagonalization, subspaces and spans, kernel, rank and range and other stuff. I used to assist my fellow students in the material to help them pass the school.


Image processing, signals, graphing and analysis, simulations and coding. 4 years of electrical engineering using Matlab and Simulink.

Microsoft Outlook

I have been using outlook for the past 2 years as a professional engineer working for a global company. It is a must for email, scheduling meetings, traceability and more funcrions related to projects and documentation management

Electrical Engineering

Electrical and Electronic engineering with Automotive experience in HW design, Schematics and PCB layout, EMC, EMI, signal and power Integrity, system design, validation and testing, simulation tools and rooling and measurements.