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Brandon L.


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Patient, Kind, and Knowledgeable Psychology & Stats Tutor

Hi! My name is Brandon! I recently completed my Masters degree in Psychology, earning a 4.0 GPA. As a part of this program, I completed a thesis project and paper, which gives me a real appreciation of much of the difficulty that many students face with any writing project. In addition, I was lucky enough to have TA for a wonderful professor and his stats class, where I both taught lessons to the class, as well as tutored some students on the subject. This is where I began to understand a lov... [more]

Algebra 1

American History

I am a huge history fan, and I make a point to try to always remember my history. I took AP US History in high school, and I did extremely well in the course, and on the exam, earning a 4 or a 5.



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I have served as a teaching assistant in for an undergraduate statistic course in Spring 2015 while I was working on my master's in psychology. During that time, I tutored multiple struggling students on the subject outside of class. In side of the classroom, I held open review sessions prior to ever exam in the course, assisted in the construction and grading of the homework and exams, as well reviewed/taught important topics in the course on a near weekly basis. I also have had practical experience, as I performed the data analysis for multiple professional posters. I have also taken statistics courses on both the undergraduate and graduate levels. This provides me with a firm foundation of knowledge on the topic.


I have both a master's degree in psychology (Fall 2016) as well as a bachelor's degree in psychology (Spring 2014). During my education, I have taken course work in a wide range of sub-fields in psychology, such as cognitive, evolutionary, social, developmental, and health, among others. As a result, I have developed a decent knowledge base in psychology. In addition, I have served as a TA and tutor for the statistics course offered through the psychology department of my university. As a result, I have some experience with tutoring students.


I have a BA in both Psychology and Sociology, with required extensive writing assignments. I also recently completed a MA in psychology with writing a master's thesis, which I went through multiple drafts. As a result I am especially skilled in APA format/citation, but I have some knowledge of MLA style. In addition, I have served as the constant proofreader and editor for my siblings through high school and college. I did this in both digital and physical forms, being well aquatinted with MS Word's tracked changes function. In high school I was the editor of both my school's Yearbook and Newspaper. I earned high marks throughout my education.


Social Studies

Microsoft Windows

I have primarily been a Microsoft Windows user for both laptops and desktops since at least the mid-1990's. As a result, I have seen various features come and go through the Operating System. I own a laptop running Windows 7 and a desktop running Windows 10, both of which I use on a regular basis. In addition, I use a Windows computers running various iterations of the OS at work for various tasks. As part of my experience, I am comfortable with many of the default windows applications and programs, such as the Microsoft Office Suite, Windows Explorer, etc. In addition, I have conducted some basic troubleshooting of both Windows and Apple computers as part of a former job, allowing me some conceptualization of how other operating systems may compare to Windows.


I am qualified as a tutor for sociology for a variety of reasons. For example, I double majored in sociology and psychology as an undergraduate, obtain my BA in May 2014, earning a final cumulative GPA of 3.965, with a major only GPA of roughly 3.96 [with a 4.0 in sociology]. I went onto obtain a MA in the related field of social psychology, with a GPA 4.0. I also have experience as a TA in a statistics course, where I did a bit of tutoring of some of the students.