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Pete M.


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Web design and development with STEM science background

My background is in science, and for many years I did doctoral and postdoctoral work in biological sciences. But then came 1993, and I had an epiphany that the web was going to be the biggest thing in my lifetime. So, I jumped to a new career, building my first web page in 1994. Since 2001, I have been an instructor in web and interactive design at the Art Institutes. I've taught basic graphic design, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, and basic to advanced user experience and interaction design. Ad... [more]

Microsoft Excel

I taught Microsoft Office 2011-2012, Art Institute of California, Los Angeles, from 2001 to the present. Familiar with the older versions, as well as new "tabbed" versions.


I wrote my first HTML page in September 1993, and have used HTML in web design and development ever since. I have taught Design School students how to use HTML (as well as CSS and JavaScript) since 2001.

Adobe Photoshop

I have taught in the Web and Graphic Design program at the Art Institute since April 2001. I am especially good at training in brand identity and authoring web images using Photoshop.

Web Design

I've taught web design students in design, Ux, Ui, and programming since 2001.


Taught Advanced Server-Side Programming, PHP/MySQL web app development at Art Institutes of California, Los Angeles GWDA353 - Server-Side Systems GWDA373 - Advanced Server-Side Scripting MM3304 - Database Concepts (MySQL)


I teach server-side programming, and advanced server-side programming in basic Ruby and Rails, as well as PHP. At Art Institute: GWDA 353 Server-Side Scripting (PHP, NodeJS), GWDA 372 Content Management Systems (WordPress, PHP/MySQL Drupal). GWDA 373 Advanced Server-Side Scripting (Ruby/Rails, Advanced NodeJS and PHP)


Taught JavaScript, JavaScript OOP, JavaScript games and frameworks at Art Institute of California, Los Angeles - Graphic and Web Design Program: GWDA 113 - Fundamentals of Web Page Scripting GWDA 223 - Intermediate Web Page Scripting GWDA 243 - Object-Oriented Scripting GWDA 153 - Authoring for Interaction GWDA 363 - Client-Side Scripting