Sharon E.

Sharon E.


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PhD Chemist with 10+ years of teaching experience in Science and Math

I am a PhD chemist who spent 20 years in industry working as a research scientist and then a manager. I always believed that students didn't like science and math because they had a bad experience in high school. I wanted to teach high school and after 20 years in industry an opportunity to earn my teaching certification came up and I jumped at it. I have been teaching math and science for 10 years both face-to-face and online. I have also been tutoring for 10 years both face-to-face and ... [more]

Algebra 1

I'm a highly qualified tutor for Algebra 1. I have a PhD in chemistry and have been teaching math at the high school level for the last eight years.


I have a PhD in chemistry. I have been teaching and tutoring chemistry for 8 years. I have experience with tutoring both high school and college students.


I have been tutoring prealgebra for several years. I am very successful in identifying student content weaknesses. I have created many resources to help students be successful.


ACT Math

I have been teaching and tutoring algebra 1, algebra 2,geometry and trigonomety for 8 years. I am very successful in helping students understand concepts in these areas. I have developed strategies for helping students to be successful on standardized Math tests.

ACT Science

I am a PhD scientist. I have taught science, mostly chemistry and physical science for the past 9 years. I have helped students prepare for the science portion of the ACT.

Elementary Math

Organic Chemistry

I have a PhD in chemistry with an emphasis on polymer organic chemistry. I have taken: 1. A year of undergraduate organic chemistry and lab 2. A course in biologically important molecules 3. A year of graduate level organic chemistry 4. My post doc was in a molecular recognition lab which used a large component of organic chemistry 5. During my time as a graduate student and a post-doc, I tutored organic chemistry. I am not an expert on all aspects of organic chemistry.