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As a lifelong learner, I just can't get enough of learning new things and I want you to also experience the joys of learning and the empowerment it can bring. As an accomplished student in many fields, I know what it takes to break down complex topics into bite-sized chunks that anyone can understand. I am currently a Biomedical Engineering major with a minor in Chemistry, Biology, and Nanotechnology at the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville. I have also been an active musician for many y... [more]

Algebra 1

I have been using algebra 1 for 10 years. During that time I have helped many students understand both the basics and the difficult parts of algebra 1. I combine a mixture of real life examples, insights into the equations we are using, and where this might be used in higher levels of math and future careers (just so you don't feel like this is a useless subject). It is my belief that this is not a hard subject; anyone can learn and master it. The only two things standing in he way of that are laziness and bad teachers, so if you feel like you struggle with one or both of those problems, don't worry. I have you covered.

Algebra 2

Algebra 2 is a foundational class for all higher level math. Without it, trigonometry, calculus, and differential equations become impossible. By taking the time to understand the concepts within algebra 2, you will set yourself up for not only the classes I mentioned, but for wonderful practical applications in science, engineering, and business. We will go over things like radicals, functions, trigonometric functions, and conic sections.



I got a 5 on the AP BC Calc test and I can help you achieve that as well. It may take a little extra time on your part, but think of it this way: invest a little time now and you won't have to invest an arm and leg in college.


Chemistry is a subject I am very well-versed in. I obtained a minor in it from the University of Arkansas, which required me to take the general chemistry courses as well as extremely advanced chemistry classes (Analytical, Physical, Organic, Biochemistry). What this means for you is you're not just getting someone who took a single class and thinks they can tutor in it now. You're getting someone with years of experience that can help you get the grades and the understanding you need not just in this class but future classes as well.



Microsoft Excel


Microsoft Word


Physics is a very broad subject with many topics to cover. The motion and interactions of bodies usually takes up the first portion of physics courses. I approach these with a "if you can see it in the real world, you'll better understand the concept" mindset. This means I'm constantly providing real-life examples of what we're working on. Next, most courses move to electricity, magnetism, light, and several other related topics. While slightly more abstract than the concepts covered earlier in physics, with the right real-life examples, these concepts really come alive. I also use this same framework of mind for understanding all the numerous equations you'll see. That way, you're not just memorizing equations, you're understanding them on a deep level.

Microsoft PowerPoint



Precalculus is the gateway to calculus. This means a firm foundation in these topics is crucial for continuing on. The first set of knowledge is trigonometric equations and identities. There is some memorization involved when it comes to the many identities and the unit circle; however, once you start getting the hang of it, it can be quite fun (if you like puzzles, like me). For the sake of brevity, the remaining topics include vectors, matrices, imaginary and complex numbers, probability and combinatorics, sequences, series, and induction. Phew... I know it seems like a lot, but each of these is easily attainable with good practice. And ultimately that's the way I'll help you "get" these topics: good practice.


Whether you're just learning to read or need help increasing your reading proficiency, I can help. With my experience in Greek, Latin, and Phonics, I can get you to the level you're shooting for. It'll take some practice, but the time you put in will pay you back almost immediately with a newfound ability and enjoyment of reading.




Whether you're analyzing data in medicine, industry, or academically, statistics provides the framework for verifying and testing hypotheses. This makes it an invaluable tool in your arsenal. My approach is to help you memorize the equations you need to know all while applying them to scenarios and circumstances you can relate to in your studies. That way, once the class is over, you'll be able to pull out those skills anytime you want.


Despite my extensive background in the technical areas of science and math, I have a deep love of the English language in all its forms. Need to understand poetry better, we?ll dive right into the literary techniques the author uses to emote certain feelings. Need help understanding dense material (ala Shakespeare), no worries. I?ll talk you through ALL the wonderful puns and meaning embedded in the text. Or maybe you just need help with grammar. Whether it?s grammar in isolation or in the context of an essay you need to complete, we?ll work together to craft your essay using good grammar, rhetorical techniques (as necessary, and clear development of ideas.



Biochemistry is the intersection of the worlds of biology and chemistry. This means it has it's own unique challenges but at the same time can really open up both worlds more than if they were just separate. We will work on understanding the methods and graphs biochemists use in their studies. Then, I can help you memorize the amino acids and their affinities. I can also help you memorize the different biomolecular pathways (catabolic and anabolic) in the body with regards to carbohydrates, lipids, nucleic acids, and proteins. More importantly, I will help you understand these pathways so you don't just forget them after the test.



SAT Math


World History

I am an avid reader and lover of all things history. My main areas of focus are the history of the world (I made a 5 on the AP exam), the history of Christianity, and the history of American Political thought. History is far more than just dates and facts. It makes up the continuous fabric of what we call "modern day". Within this fabric are stories, heroes, villains, dreams, and nightmares just waiting to be explored and understood.


Proofreading is an extremely rewarding process because once you learn how to do it, you can make not only your own writing better, but enhance the writing of those around you. Grammar and Content are the two main parts that need to be addressed to create a true representation of what you want to convey. With only a little effort here and there, your writing can and will make leaps and bounds towards maturity.

SAT Reading

SAT Writing

Physical Science




ACT Reading

I made a 33 on the ACT three times in a row. My highest scores for each section were 34 for English, 31 for Math, 36 for Reading, and 35 for Science. My tutoring will involve both general test taking tips as well as specific topics that are tested on the ACT. Most importantly, the student will be required to take several practice tests to assess where they currently are.

ACT English

As with all of the ACT sections, time management is of utmost importance; however, without a firm grasp of the basic rules of the English language, no amount of time management will help anyone. I can help find the holes in your English skills and help you build a tailored approach to conquer the problems you have.

ACT Math

ACT Science




I am a classically trained pianist with more than a decade of experience. I also have a background in a jazz/blues and church music. From Bach to Jazz, whether you want to learn to read music for the first time or would like to polish your chops, I can help you get there. I'm not promising this will be easy, but I am promising that you will thank yourself for learning to speak the beautiful and timeless language of music.


MATLAB is an engineering standard when it comes to performing number crunching, model development, and data analysis, both conventional and unconventional. I have used MATLAB heavily in my coursework and continue to use it for research and recreational endeavors. To name a few of the things I have done in MATLAB: I have created models for analyzing the nitrogen cycle, analyzed pictures using Fourier Analysis, and created beautiful graphs (2D and 3D) using my data. First and foremost, don't expect to learn how to use this software in one night. It takes time, practice, and some memorization of the basic functions. If you don't know what I'm talking about, don't worry, I will help you avoid the frustrations that come with learning a new coding/computing language and ultimately help you be proud of the new and very marketable skill you are developing.

Organic Chemistry

I have extensive knowledge in the realm of Chemistry. I have taken and received the highest marks in Bio-, General, Organic, Analytical, and Physical chemistry. I am no novice and bring all my knowledge to help you understand any level of chemistry. Now back to Organic Chemistry. Organic 1 usually lays the foundation with the structure of organic molecules and a few reactions utilizing this new knowledge. I generally approach this class by making sure you understand the nomenclature, the differences between all the different isomers (yay!), and finally being able to recognize reactions that are and are not the reactions of interest. Organic 2 then focuses very strongly on a large range of reactions. You need to be able to differentiate between the different reactions as well as the common reactants and catalysts involved. These are not easy subjects, but with the right mentality and the right help, you can more than succeed in them.

Finite Math

Finite Math is a kind of catch-all for math that is not calculus. More importantly, it is a wonderful subject to use for business in the realm of determining costs and profits. This, and much more is accomplished through the use of matrices and properties associated them (multiplication, inverse, rref, etc.), linear programming, the simplex method, sets and counting, probability, and Markov Chains. No matter the section you're on, I can help you figure out 1) how to use the techniques, and more importantly 2) help you find a use for math other than just to make grades and get your degree.