Dr. Nancy G.

Dr. Nancy G.


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Math Professor, Rice Grad - All Levels of Math and Statistics

I have a Ph. D. in statistics and a degree in Math and Statistics from USC. I am a professor of mathematics and statistics, and a graduate of Rice University. After graduating number one in my class, and working as a professor for almost 15 years, I have decided to tutor part time. I love helping students! I tutor all levels of mathematics and statistics from grade school to graduate school. My 30 years of tutoring experience makes me an outstanding Math Tutor.... [more]

Algebra 1

Ph. D. in Statistics; B.S. in Mathematics; 30 years tutoring experience; 15 years teaching experience.

Algebra 2


Ph. D. in Statistics



B. S. Degree in Math




I have a Ph.D. in Statistics.


Elementary Math

Discrete Math

I am a math professor with a Ph.D. in statistics and a B.S. in math. I teach discrete math in all of my statistics courses. I also took discrete math courses when I was a student.


I have a Ph.D. in statistics. Most of my research publications are in biology journals. I am a professor and typically teach biology and pharmacy students.


I used Unix exclusively for my entire graduate career. After graduating, I learned Windows, but I still prefer Unix. I currently don't use Unix daily, but I am still very proficient in Unix.


I have been an avid runner for the past 35 years. I have been weight lifting and training with licensed personal trainers on a weekly basis for the past six years.


I have been using R (and S+) on a regular basis for the past 23 years. I am a statistics professor, an expert in R, and currently writing a book about programming in R. I can program in R in both the Unix and Windows platforms.